A Trove Player Livestream notes 11/25

Today's dev livestream discussed the new Winter dragon, the Chloromancer class, and PvP rewards.


The original livestream can be found here around 48:00.



The next dragon is Galenor, Primarch of Permafrost, who is ice-themed.

The Radiant weapon aura will be shown next week.

Galenor will release next week.



The next class will be the Chloromancer, which is a support class with a plant-theme.

Auto attack heals allies and summoned plants. This class will have an emphasis on attack speed.

Right-click summons a vine lasher with an AoE spin attack that snares.

Keyboard 1 summons a flower that heals allies in the area. Currently, they explode at full health

Plants grow on their own, but grow faster when they're healed. At full health, their ability activates.

The art assets shown on the stream are temporary.



New equipment slot: banner. Banners are displayed in PvP, when riding PvP mounts, and during /pose.

Banners give stats in PvP only and changes the types of powerups that you can pick up in the Battle Arena.

Almost all PvP rewards are based on time-played through new Battle Box drops. There will also be Battle Levels, which can be earned through playing and gaining experience.

Banners can be deconstructed.

No rewards if you quit a match early.

More details about PvP rewards are coming soon.



New mount that comes from upcoming builder pack. It will be store-only, but the pack should be relatively cheap.

The Bull Dozer destroys blocks in a wide path as you run through them.

It is club world-only.




New winter Hub.

The equipment style slots have been removed. Styles can selected by left-clicking equipped equipment.

A new Kiwi pet has been added for Kiwibird. She has codes, bug her for them!

Ally styles are on the list of things to add.

More streamer-oriented rewards are coming in January, with a greater variety of codes to unlock and give away.

Mag rails will eventually be improved to have speed settings. This will likely come in the Underground update, which will focus on mag rails and mining.

Will there be a setting to remove black outline on blocks? Maybe.

The loot box karma bar is still being added.

The Shadow Hydrakken should release in January.

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