Arcane/Martial vs Surestrike

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One of the hardest comparisons I have seen so far has to be between Surestrike and Arcane/Martial. While one might think, it is easy to pick the better of the two it is not so cut and dry. There are multiple variables to account for and each has an affect on which emblem surpasses the other. You have Crit Damage, Crit Hit, and time between flask usage. Damage value does not change the difference between the two emblems so luckily we only need to input three variables instead of four.


Arcane/Martial vs Surestrike


To get the first part of the two we need to find the average crit DPS of Arcane/Martial without knowing the values of CD or CH. Now this sounds hard but is actually rather easy. Since the damage value does not matter I will be using 1000 DPS as the input with X as CH and Y as CD. For timeframe, I will go with a nice even 10 seconds between flasks. Here is what the completed equation looks like:


To make it a bit easier on the eyes I have also shortened it down to this:



Second of the two parts is doing the same thing for Surestrike. Same plan with the same 1000 DPS input and 10 second timeframe. Because it works differently compared to Arcane/Martial, the equation is quite different as well. Here is what is the long form:


Much like the first, here is the short form:



With both short forms, we can now directly compare the two. Using X and Y we can get the CD or CH stat that makes the two emblems equal. To find these we must take the comparison ((1450*(1-x))+(1450*x*(y+1)))=((1000*x*y)+(160*y)+1000) and simplify it down to the two variables. Remember that X is CH and Y is CD, and with that in mind here are the two outputs:



One thing to learn straight away from this that the higher the CD the better Surestrike does and the higher CH goes the better Arcane/Martial performs. Let’s assume you have 20% CH, using y=((-45)/(45*x-16)) it gives us 6.42857 or 642.9% CD. If your CD is higher than that then Surestrike is better suited. Trying this again but with 750% CD instead gives us 22% using x=((16*y-45)/(45*y)). Any CH above that is pushing the odds in favour of Arcane/Martial. Remember that this is all assuming that the time between flasks is 10 seconds. The longer the timeframe the smaller the difference between the two become. The smaller the time frame the larger the difference until it hits 8 seconds where Arcane/Martial start becoming stronger and stronger until you are down to 3 seconds.

To simplify this process and give the result instantly I created a simple calculator that outputs which emblem is better with the difference between results.


Now I know this thread may seem a bit redundant to some players as they will take both. This is more for the builds with one slot open as the other is either being take up by minions or Chronomantic. Both of these types need a complimentary damage emblem to bolster their effects. While it is normally better to take Arcane/Martial, you might find that based on your current gem RNG that Surestrike is the better choice. Honestly I was just bored and wanted to write something up quickly.

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