Challenges used to be the meat of Trove and now they aren't worth doing

I don't really know who will see this and who won't, but I figure it's worth posting. I don't want to come off as a bad person or a spiteful person, I just wanted to post my opinion so maybe somebody could agree/disagree.


Challenges used to be the meat of Trove and now they aren't worth doing.


I found Trove a few days after launch and have played every day since, mastery rank 165. I've maxed out every character's level. I have sets of radiant gear. I've spent about $55 on ingame stuff. I've played most of the game.

The best part of Trove was challenges and they are no longer fun or rewarding. They used to give you enough trove flux and eyes to be able to craft your gear to a suitable level, I didn't make a ton of money, but it was nice to be able to buy a penta every day or two depending on my drops. Since the removal of eyes and big chunks of trove flux, there is no way i'll be able to make any more radiant gear, which is the last way I can progress in the game. Dragon souls and coins drop more often, sure, but you only get 4 caches instead of 10, so who cares it's the same drop rate for souls.


But the part I really care about and the new update really bums me out about is that Challenges are no longer challenging. It used to take 17 dungeon completions with a bonus class to finish in 20 minutes. Now it takes 12. I used to be able to find a big group and we'd have to work together to be able to do it in time. Now it isn't a rush, it's not difficult, it's 12 challenges in 20 minutes. And the final increment only gives you a dragon soul, which I don't need. I can get my 4 caches in 3-4 minutes every challenge, and get nothing good that I need out of it.


We used to be able to get pentas, which was amazing, It was worth opening caches just for the chance of getting pentas. I used to rush to open Trove every hour just to do the challenge. I can get my dragon ultra quickly, it takes like 50 challenges to do? That would take me a week max with these new drops. What do we do for the other 3 weeks? Especially now that you can craft past dragon souls, I don't think we needed this "boost" in dragon soul drops. I wish it was back to the way it was. I don't like that the hardcore players that spent the most time and the most money are being punished inadvertently by placing the needs of the casual player first, and I wish I could drop more time into Trove before I got tired of it. But I feel like my time and effort is all for naught and I'm coming to the realization that I might be done with Trove because I am unable to progress in the ways I was able to before the lunar update.

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Trove, developed by Trion Worlds, is a Massive Multiverse Adventure game. Your character will live across a series of build-able, destructible, explore-able, and randomly created worlds.

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