Dino Tamer, the one who fought together with dinosaurs

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Back, far back, during the chaotic era when savage and ruthless dinosaurs reigned, there was a war between the trovians, namely the Knights and Gunslingers, and dinosaurs. 


Knights and Gunslingers clashed against them, but were easily dominated over time due to the difference in strength. In midst of this period, there was a distant stronghold of the knight and gunslingers' which was raided and override by the dinosaurs.


While everyone was retreating and fighting, due to the impact from the fighting, and the dinosaurs ramming against the walls of the fortress, the fortress structure became unstable and rubble crashed down 


Dino Tamer, the one who fought together with dinosaurs


It wounded a little trainee who was training to become a gunslinger, and he whined in pain.


Even so, the little trainee had strong willpower to survive. He crawled away to the forest nearby. He caught a glimpse of the whole fortress crumbling from the tremor of the war with his small squirming eyes.


He laid down against a tree to rest, and checked his wounds. He had torn the skin on his right arm.


He was about to rest when he saw bunch of dinosaurs heading towards him. He reached into his gun holster, only to realise that he lost one of his guns. He took out the remaining gun and tried to fire at the dinosaurs. But to his dismay, the gun was broken. He put the gun back into the holster and tried to crawl away, but the dinosaurs caught up with him pretty quickly.


The poor little gunslinger trainee braced himself for the incoming attack, but nothing happened. He stared curiously at the dinosaurs surrounding him, gawking and gazing at the little gunslinger. 


The gunslinger trainee did not expect the dinosaurs' next actions. One of the dinosaurs lifted him onto his back and carried him. The group of dinosaurs brought him to a cave, where they bandaged his arm with herbs and even gave him food from the livestock they had hunted and killed. Even though the meat was raw, the little gunslinger was still grateful; His stomach was empty and had been rumbling for quite a while. He had not anticipated that the "savage" and "ruthless" dinosaurs to be so accommodating. The dinosaurs treated him like one of their own kind; They taught him life skills, to hunt, search for food and water supplies and a lot of other things. 


The boy, using his knowledge gained from the years, fixed and modified his only blast-gun into a dart gun. He created little darts made from plants, insects, and animal horns, and made a sling-bag out of leather which he carried around to contain them. He made nets, and had dinosaur friends following around him everytime he went on an adventure. As time passed and the little boy, who was a once-to-be gunslinger, grew, he began to understood that not all of the dinosaurs were cruel and wished for war; There were dinosaurs who defied those terms and fought against their own kind. Moreover, there were more and more dinosaurs supporting peace growing. Eventually, the war between the dinosaurs and the trovians ceased, as the dinosaurs had soon stopped their assault on them.


Many more years later, the boy made his appearance out from the jungles and forests into the clearance. He made earth-shattering achievements, gaining popularity. Standing alone, he eventually came to be known as the Dino Tamer, the one who fought together with dinosaurs and had extensive knowledge of handling dinosaurs.

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