enjoy the convenience and have a heart to support trove financially anyways

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I am sorry because I am about to mention the name of another game, not saying its better or worse just trying to make a point from my experience playing it. I was thinking it would be sick for a system to exist where gear stats varied in the radiant tier, from standard to ungodly.


Maybe even a chance for a stat multiplier to proc making a stat increase by 300% from using items like ie. "pearl of wisdom" on it, with a chance of it to destroy the item if using more expensive pearls that has 70% success but if fails it can actually reduce the stat of the item or destroy it. This shouldn't be allowed straight from the get-co, but for the endgame gear, its a money sink that could positively influence the economy and most importantly, its something that helps you achieve that tingly feeling going to bed or where ever you are just knowing you have create a godly item from rng. Sorry again for negativity, but as of now everything feels so bog standard, yes the loot drops are rng, but even so the stats are all the same pretty standard, with a couple sets of equipment you're set for the game. I mean people are already beating daughter of the moon in a matter of minutes, if beating it too fast from Godly created radiants and the purple name feature is what would hold back players to further customize and individualize their gear and playing experience, then why keep it, just for the 100 players who achieves it?

I think my suggestion is to just increase the range of the possible "endgame" weapon stats where if the rng turns out to not be in your favor and your get "bad" stats, deconstruct it for mats (penta), just make the range so there is that whole common, uncommon, and rare possibilities to achieve a roll on an item's stat, limiting the max rare bonus so its not something crazy like 1000% of a common weapon's stat, but enough so it sells for maybe triple the price of a normal radiant in the market . If possible keep data of the godly radiants being made and at a certain bottleneck, increase the max bonus cap and boss hp of course. 


It sounds like I'm saying do this do that, but 100% no bad intention or my ego affiliated with my opinions, its just i think of something fun to me but where do I get to even share it with somebody heh  thanks for reading if you even read it lol Because i get this idea when I watched a streamer just now brand new to trove. He just got a "rainbow" respendent drop and his reaction he wen't "holy $#@$, oh my god, is this even good? wow look at the stats.." and it took me back to when I got my first resplendent or shadow piece that experience just lasted too short heh But I have heard there is going to be some changes to gear so maybe this post is just totally irrelevant


But what if those charms can be purchased with trove flux, not making everything microtransaction for credits but in game transactions like the pearl of wisdom dealers, which is really brilliant idea by trove dev imo


Having a way to purely obtain the item by playing the game from farming trove flux and exploring the adventure world in search of a treasure isle trader who might possibly sell one, and at the same time provide the in-store option to buy ie. "charms" for players who have the money, enjoy the convenience and have a heart to support trove financially anyways. This would contribute positively to player experience, at the same time positively contribute to trove's economic basis out of good will and not because of rage spending from bad rng, which even if it does happen it would be the customer's "choice" and fault at that point because of the 2 options provided to purchase and the whole reason for the store option to exist is for "convenience," and possibly increase productivity in trove's trading and market.

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The Trove of wonders won't solve the issue with the "glass ceiling"

I can speak for almost every new player when I say the biggest problem isn't the total number of Trove flux in the game, it is the ability to get radiant gear.


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How can i get to the late trove?

By grinding better gems, good gems should have at least +1400 PR at lvl 25, very good gems should have around +1500 PR, almost perfect gems should have +1600 PR


I feel that what trove is lacking right now is actually not progression

MAYBE even unlock special attacks at a certain point! More importantly, I WANT THESE AMBERS TO GIVE MASTERY. I want MORE THINGS TO UNLOCK - AS MANY AS IT TAKES TO KEEP ME OCCUPIED IN TROVE.


A Sea terraformer grew a tree in my building

the water terraformer changed the water and didn't change the shape of the land too much but it went 2 blocks into my gold and silver walls i made

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