Fun experience - to be a farmer in Trove

When the Night in Trove is over, the morning Sun rises and the Boomeranger's chickens start to sing, the little Trovian Farmer wakes up and goes to work.


One of the main jobs of the Trovian Farmer is to farm Dragon coins, not just to work to get all the Dragons and permanent buffs, but becuase the Dragon Caches are a good source of flux as well. So every hour, our little Trovian Farmer, wears one of his working suits, and goes on the requested fields, and does his job of getting coins and flux.


Fun experience - to be a farmer in Trove


But the work of the Trovian Farmer isn't easy, because he has to work on a field with many other Trovian Farmers, and everyone has his own mind and will. Most Farmers, regardless if week or strong, meet on the "U6" to get the best results, but being the favorite place to go to, it gets crowded and on top of that, you have to work on a schedule.


Working under time pressure is stressful, and the resources are mostly limited: biomes aren't always huge and you need to move fast if you want to be there, when the stronger farmers one-shots the target, letting you get the points you need, and if all targets are consumed before you have all points, you may not make it in time, and fail the final mission.


The workplace of the Trovian Farmer is fast-paced and chaotic: Herds of players coming from all directions to the desired biome; explosions everywhere to open direct ways to targets; other Farmers clinging on Dungeon walls waiting to leech the point, ready to rush to the next point and avoid loosing the next kill because of someone faster; people screaming: "DON'T SPLIT! DON'T SPLIT!" and cursing at the ones that do, because if the biome gets consumed, before you find another one the time may be probably up; the distant sound of a weaker one dying, that nobody will revive because the clock is ticking; Shadow Giants raining from the sky, one for each Farmer, that in crowded areas forms deadly armies of invaders that wipe anything living standing on the ground; Trovians sitting on their most precious Dragons, resting on the roof waiting, realizing suddently nobody actually bothered going down to kill the boss.


This is no healthy environment for the little poor Trovian Farmer that has to do that every day, maybe even multiple times a day. Don't wonder if you see some fellow Trovian sitting on a bench, staring into space, having some sort of Vietnam Flashback.


Jokes aside, my point is that half of the time I'm playing Trove, I'm off to do the timed quests for the Dragon Coins. You need to be fast and you get the best results on U6, so people tend to all go there. People split, leech, some one-shot everything, some can barely kill normal mobs, some are super fast, some can't keep up at all, and sometime lag kicks in on top of all that. Biomes aren't always huge and I often get frustrated farming coins.


I was thinking, what could Devs do to counter that , without changing the entire mechanic? I get that Trion wants people to unlock as many classes as possible, and making it timed is probably needed to not make it too easy to archieve, but adding the struggle to do dungeons only on one biome? It's the limitation on the biome that causes the most stress in this game mechanic, and does not add anything useful. Trion does not earn more because of that, nor the game becomes more fun. Sometime you loose a lot of precious time to find more little chunks of the biome needed to end the quest.


If you could do the coins quest on any biome, and only had limited time and bonus class to take into account, it would not matter if the world you are in is crowded, or if people split and burn up the biome before everyone has all the points, there would be plenty of room for everyone. The slow ones, the super-fast one that blast everything to pieces in seconds, the ones that actually like to open the loot boxes as well (some people blast the boss and don't even get the loot, so they can move on faster), and all the others. It would make it much less a unfair chaotic competition between players, and against the map generation, removing the frustrating part and keeping the challenge and the archievement.


I can't think of a better solution, but maybe I'm missing something.


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