How can i get to the late trove?

it's also my main class.
- As with all DPS Classes you need focus on Physical Damage, Critical Damage, and Critical Hit gems. 
- For empowered gems some good recommendations would be Pyrodisc and Stinging Curse. These are both DPS Gems. A third option would also be Explosive Epilogue as the explosion is rumored to splash damage the surrounding enemies.
- Choosing what gems are worth your time.
- Empowered Gems: If the empowered gem is 2 stars or less... trash it, at the end game they will not get you above 20k unless you got all 3 primordial dragons, and then that's a long shot.
- Lesser Gems: If it's under 500PR then trash it. The max PR for a lesser gem is average 600pr. You'll get lucky to get that, but anything less then 500 is a waste of your time.
How can i get to the late trove?
Leveling up your gems...
- Watch how your stats roll when you lvl up your gems. You might have a few gems that do have MH%, very unlikly your get a full set of perfectly rolled gems. But if you see that all your large single stat rolls are going to MH and not Crit, you should keep an eye out to replace that gem with another crit gem. You don't want a lvl 25 gem where all your large stat boosts went to MH or HR over crit, as it just cuts your DPS.
- Don't waiste unessisary dust on leveling up a crappy gem... If you find a great gem, even if it cuts your PR by 1k, equip it. You might be surprised that by replacing that crappy health stat gem with crit and damage, you might have went from 15k to 14k, but now your clearing dungeons ALOT faster. Plus it's only going to get faster when you start to lvl that gem up a bit.
If your building a class to be your main, but still want to quick as possible grind U9, then on an NN movement speed and attack speed can be your friend. Get a set of stellar gear with Attack Speed on the second stat, and roll back and forth between movement speed and crit as your forth on your gear when needed. Think this is weird?, well when your running faster then a dragon can fly in U9 the other followers will be quite jelly... (Lunar Lancer us great for this too but to bad his right click is useless lol)
Get the Death Defying Vial... when you get your ninja to end game stat's, talking 18k+ if you ever want to get that purple name you going to need at least 150k Damage or more, 100% crit hit, and over 1000% crit damage. This is going to leave your max health at around 200k or less. Death Defying paired with Martial and Vampiric is a good combo. If your speed running DOTM then you want to switch to Vial of Unleashed, Berserk Emblem, and Martial for the ultimate ultimate. 
Other things to consider...
Get all the dragons, not only do they boost your stats, which equals PR, but they also boost your magic find, which means better gear, and more trove flux from the collected gear. Get all the dragons that help PD first and then go from there.
If you got nothing better to spend your cubits on get some gem boosters. Might seem like a waist, but every time you pop that karma bar it's another empowered gem box, plus it's a great way to get some lady bugs and dust which you will need always.
Make sure your play style habits are efficient. Ninja can be one of the simplest slash and hack styles, but to maximize your DPS you still need to think about how you play. Try to position yourself where you can hit 3 enemies in a single swing, to build your stacks as fast as possible. Don't waste the opportunity to show your shuriken by just standing and swinging, it's your biggest DPS source. If you have a DB in your group try to time your ultimate's together, that attack speed buff he gives can do a lot of extra DPS for all the classes that use it right. When throwing your shuriken, if you don't hit every mob in the room your wasting it. That includes those illusive muffin tossers in the ST's that are always the last to be killed, why didn't you just take it out while you worked on the rest? Also time your right clicks to be when you know you can avoid damage. Syncing up with the bosses attacks can save you a lot of flasks and time.
Hope this helps, and good luck.
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