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Disclaimer* This guide is of my personal experiences in Trove so far.Trove is a very friendly multibox type of game. The equipment, ore, shards etc. all drop for 8 characters that are within a specific distance from where they spawn. To get the max potential out of Trove, it is best to use 8 characters. I don't claim to know all of the rules and guidelines when it comes to multiboxing. In the end, it is all up to Avarem and the team to determine that. I go off of what they have said to me in the past.


One thing I am unsure about is this scenario. Lets say you have your character logged in. We'll call him Character 1. You have friends coming over for a lan party. We'll say 10 friends. All 10 of your friends bring their computers, laptops etc. All of them log in their characters. You now have 11 characters logged into trove at your house off your ISP and I assume they all have different I.P. addresses? I am unsure if that raises flags in Trove's systems that will warrant for action against the accounts. Fasti etc. will have to be the answer to that question. I guess the same scenario could be said for gold/trove flux farmer workshops and perhaps Troves has measures set up to combat scenarios like that?

I have a general understanding that as long as you don't use third party software that will automate the game for you i.e. you go to the bathroom while your characters can still attack, move etc. then you will be fine and will not get banned.


Fasti as well commented on a thread a few weeks ago and stated you will not get banned from multiboxing. I attempted to locate that post but was unable to find it. 


For the past 6+ months I have multiboxed 8 accounts just fine. I use 1 computer and 2 monitors to set it up. 


Before you get on your high horse and throw around the 5 limit jumbo....


Multi-boxing is best done with multiple monitors. While it IS possible with 1 can expect a bunch of alt-tabbing. If you have 1 monitor and windows 10 you can utilize the virtual desktop function that comes stock with the OS. That can act as a 2nd monitor and can speed up your process of switching clients.


To start up multiboxing Trove you first need your e-mail accounts! I personally use 8 e-mails since I have 8 characters. While I do have Trove installed on Steam, I personally use the Glyph launcher that is seperate from Steam. 


How to properly set up 8 clients


*This is assuming you have all of your clients in windowed mode in video settings*


Open up Glyph and at the top of the program click on "Logout". Next, login with Alt #1. Click "Play" to start up Alt #1 screen. Once the game is running open up the video settings and set EVERYTHING to minimum. Next position the screen to your preferred preference. You can now either press escape to log out, or just click the X in the top right corner to close out the screen. Once the game is closed out click the red "Play" button in the glyph program to re-launch the game. You will notice the game will have the same video settings and screen position.

The location you leave your screen and your video settings will automatically be defaulted to ALL future clients you log on afterwards.


So once you have your first screen set-up simple click "Logout" on the Glyph program and you will notice it changes to "Login". Click "Login" and enter in Alt #2 email/password and click on the red play button. Alt #2 will start up with the same screen position & video settings as alt #1. Repeat the steps above to log in Alts #2,3,4,5,6,7. However many you have. 


ALWAYS log your MAIN character in last. Once you log your main character in, you can move the client window to your preferred area and can adjust the video settings to a higher setting of your choice. 


If it is your FIRST time logging in all of your alts you have to do some prep work. On your main character, press "O" key to bring up your friends list. Click on "ADD" and add ALL of your alts to your main's friend list. Your alts should only have 1 character on their friends list. That 1 person will be your main. ALWAYS keep your alts friends list open. Your alts, for the most part will always stay stationary. You utilize their friends list to "Join" on your main character when you need them.


When farming dungeons, have all of your alts join on your main character above the dungeon. Any place where they see on their screen the dungeon info will suffice. Next clear the dungeon with your main, do NOT destroy the chest. After the boss dies, click into all of your clients windows and click "Join" so they all join your main character down to the chest. 


To save time after the chest is opened, leave the dungeon with your main and continue to fly to the next dungeon. While you are in the air, switch over to your alt and HOLD the "E" key to pick up any gear that is close enough to loot. DO NOT let go of the "E" Key. If you continue to hold the "E" into the next alt's window and you'll notice that loot will automatically be collected. While holding "E" click into ALL of your alts window to automatically collect the loot.

It's a real time saver. Before, I use to press E in each window before I discovered you could simply hold it.


I have since then evolved the loot method on my alts by using a controller. I personally use a X-box One controller. I have NOT tested the evolved loot method with other controllers such as PS3, PS4, X-Box, Nvidia controller, PC controllers etc. When you plug the controller into the computer there are only a few things on the controller that by DEFAULT will work across ALL clients.


The left joystick that controls movement works across all clients.(<---HARD to use)

The right joystick that controls camera works across all clients. (<--HARD to use)

The LT(Left Trigger) button works across all clients.(<---You will use this)

The RT(Right Trigger) button works across all clients.(<---You will use this)


Once you have all of your alts logged in, press escape and go into Settings->Hotkeys. The 9th thing in the list will be "Loot". Click in the right green box to set up a 2nd hotkey. When setting the hotkey you can assign it to either LT or RT. Your own preference. Once you have it set up to the SAME HOTKEY(LT or RT) on ALL clients you can now automatically loot everything with the press of a button.So now when you break the chest and you are flying to the next dungeon, all you have to do is press the trigger button however many times you want and you'll notice ALL of the clients will now automatically loot the gear etc. 


When farming recipe dungeons you do not need to summon them at the top of the dungeon. That is a waste of time. When you approach a recipe dungeon, go down inside of the boss room and find a safe area so your alts can join on you. As long as the alts are close enough to the recipe chest when it breaks the recipe will AUTOMATICALLY loot to ALL of the characters. You do NOT have to switch to any alts for recipe dungeons.


For candoria, you can summon your alts ontop of the stove since the boss is literally directly underneath of the alts. And in the other recipe dungeon when you enter the purple portal, it sets up up on a elevated platform where your alts can join on you.


Some recipe dungeons in highlands you can get on a 1-block square that has a torch attached. 


In Neon City recipe dungeon you need to make your own blocks that come out of the wall since the walls are empty as you enter. 


In Dragonfire you can jump into the opening and have your alts join to you on the elevated platforms that are above the boss.


In Permafrost biome you can enter the boss room and stand on the elevated platforms that are above the boss where he can't reach them or pull them in.


I have also evolved the way I log my alts in, and the way I run shadow towers using the /joinme command.


If you have a razor keyboard and/or razor mouse or any keyboard in general that allows you to make macros you can make use of them!


I have a razor keyboard & the razor mouse with the 12 buttons on the side. Along with the razor products it gives you access to their Razor Synapse program which allows you to make custom macros along with multiple keymaps & key function swapping.


I have macros set up that will automatically type out my 8 e-mails, my password for all the accounts, 8 seperate /joinme AltNameHere macros, Kepmap swaps assigned to buttons.


Since my mouse has 12 buttons on the side I set all of my macros on them utilizing 3 seperate keymaps.


On Keymap #1 I have it set up with my E-mails. For each E-mail macro I set it up so it will automatically type out the e-mail and afterwards it will press the TAB key so the cursor will drop down to the password box. For my password macro, I have it set up so it automatically types out my password and it will press enter for me. So all I have to do afterwards is press the red PLAY button to start up the game.

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