Ideas For The Trove

Well, it's been a few months, and over the months I have had some ideas for the game. The ideas can expand the game as much as the ST idea did (even though the ST was obviously not my idea). The first idea I have is a Bigger version of the large dungeons. To open it, you must kill skeletal golems, which can be found in caves, and they can give you 10-50 bone shards. These bone shards need 500 in order to make a key. When you have a key, find a dungeon, and walk up to a lock in its entrance. Use the key on the lock and the dungeon opens. (It kind of works like how you need to kill the shadow knights in a shadow dungeon before you can move on the the actual boss.)In order to complete these dungeons, and they will be very hard, you must kill 3 1-star bosses, a 3-star boss, and at the end of the dungeon, a 5-star like boss. The last boss has a special chest, about the same size as a shadow chest, and drops at least 3 items, and drops 1-3 special caches, which can give 100-1000 eyes, 5-15 tentacles,500-2500 trove flux, and sometimes as rare drops a select few mounts and pets. These dungeons will only spawn in U5 worlds or higher, and only about 1-3 can spawn per world. At the end of a dungeon in the highest Uber,(I heard something about a U7 so I'm not narrowing it down to U6) the 5-star boss has a 5% chance of dropping a special coin which I will explain after the next idea.


The next idea is a support class. I don't have a name for the class, but I can explain what the class is. The class uses guns. The M2 ability is Helping Hand. This throws down a small medical kit which a player can pick up, which can heal 10% health and energy.The Passive is Uber-Charged (Sorry on being a bit of a TF2 ripoff). This gains energy from each shot dealt to enemies, which allows the M2 ability to spawn as a golden version of it, healing 25% health and 50% energy. But the passive can take a couple kills before fully charged. The 1 ability is Ring of Goodies. This spawns a small energy shield around you, and every player in this shield (not including the user) will be given random candies. This also applies to enemies, but hurts them over time. The ultimate is Healing Surge. This creates a small stand-down turret which will shoot nearby enemies. When it shoots enemies, a red beam follows them, up to 3 at a time, very slowly draining health over time. But when the turret's lifetime is over, it explodes into a burst of red, in a wide spread area, and heals all players in the explosion for how much health it consumed. The costume for the class for beginners looks like the mad scientist costume for the pirate captain, but it is less mad scientisty, more normal personish, has an energy tank on the back, and the white is replaced with bronze. At level 10, the tank grows bronze, and the suit turns a little gold. The max level costume turns gold, gold suit and a gold tank.


The next idea, is the coin. Now you may be wondering, "Why is this idea mostly about the coin? What's the coin going to do? How useful May it be and how much trove flux or glim can I sell it for?" Well the answer to the first 2 is (I was being stupid on that last one) an ability coin. This coin is very special, because it will allow you to unlock further upgrades to your abilities (No not let you unlock them before the level is reached, I mean seriously, It takes like 3 minutes to get to level 6). To explain, let's say you are playing the Shadow hunter. You use the coin on the 1 ability, now it is better. The ability now does something different. Instead of sitting there, being annoying, waiting for something to stupidly walk over it, it becomes a little suicidal robot and dives into enemies. Or let's say, Candy Barbarian. You use your coin on the M2 ability. What does it do now? You use the ability, and WHAM! All of a sudden you see candy tornados shooting out of the whirlwind, Slowly finding their way towards something to smash into. Ok one more example. Neon ninja. M2 ability. You use the coin and use the ability. The neon figure produced behind is still alive and running at the enemy, while you run away invisible. So you get the idea? The coin works on your abilities, altering them and making them better. It only works on the M2 and 1 ability, because the ultimates have their special ways already. If you want to know ideas that I have for the classes (I have a lot) just ask. I'll answer soon.


The mounts and pets for the caches are more cave and skeleton based like. The first mount is Khrunor (I just came up with that xD) the Beserker. It's a skeleton dragon that shoots purple flames and has the speed of wings instead of normal dragons. The second mount is a cycle made out of shapestone and formicite. The Mag rider is a Rasky Cascade, a skateboard like vehicle. The first pet is a Bouncing Shapestone. This pet gives a 30% lasermancy buff. The second pet is little skeleton dragon pup, which gives a 8% health bonus and 8 jump, along with the fire bonus the rest of the dragons give. The last pet is the Bone-stuffed ore dancer. It is a butterfly pet that gives 12% magic damage.


These are the ideas I have for the game, I hope you like them and they make their way into the game. If it seems a little too Overpowered then it's ok, but please support this idea! I would like to see even more stuff by the community in the game.

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