Lag, crash, and nonrendering since halloween

My nephew and I are from Australia (incase that has anything to do with this) and since Halloween ended, and we got the update after Halloween, we both have nothing but problems with Trove. (He has quit playing due to the constant problems) When trying to teleport to anywhere causes the game to crash (lose connection) often, trying to walk or glide towards anywhere new most likely will not render causing you to be stuck on the border of nothingness or suddenly you are stuck in the middle of nothingness (cos nothing is there), and of cos this all makes the game laggy.


Neither I or my nephew use the same internet provider so we can't blame them, he built me my comp a couple of months back and he put in the 2nd biggest graphics card so it can't be the comps, but we're both in different places throughout Australia, so being in Australia and the fact this all begane after the halloween update, there's a couple of possible things to blame. I drove myself crazy trying to get across Frontier land just to get to a bordering biome for the hourly dragon coin quests, with each part in front of me not wanting to render it took me a little over 10 mins to get across. Something is wrong and needs to be looked into...


Lag, crash, and nonrendering since halloween


Before seeing this message I actuualy did that "Verify cache thingy" and found over 700 screwed up files (Should there be that many files that needed fixing cos something sure don't sound right?). So, after I fixed all that and it updated the game again, I played the game in off peek times with very minor problems but there were still chunk rendering problems (like parts of the HUB portal tower not rendering to whole chunks not there). At first I thought maybe I had fixed most of the problems and the game was just being glitchy but then the next day you gave us that update for the Pinata stuff and the problems seems to be worsening again. Before it didn't matter what time of day I played cos it was faulty any time but now it's a peek time problem but I can't say that's true seeing it's been only a day or 2 to find out. I'd like to say it's a little better but that little is not enough to be able to play the game unfortunely.... However, I have to thankyou for trying to fix it. For a moment there, seeing I wasn't getting any response, I wasn't sure if talking to myself. Keep up trying tho... pl


I just logged in and there's another update, did it fix the rendering probem, No! When I click something like "Claim" I think I must have missed the button or something cos nothing happens but very slowly in time something eventually does. I click a cornerstone and wait patiently to slowly see bits and pieces of my home and the items within appear. Still chunks before me do not render.. You've heard it all before and I'm frustrated at repeating myself so I'm shutting up. I can't play this game any more. Not won't, can't. Yesterday I got an invite to a pinata farm in U6 but of cos trying to TP the game crashed so I lost the invite, the TP and the pinata farm. I can't play.


I just said I verified cache and so forth.. I have no idea what you mean by change settings but if you mean choose the simplest settings for the game well I have but that's so a comp can handle a game and my comp is fine cos I just got it built a month or two ago with with high lvl stuff (the kind of stuff that my nerd nephew took a pic of to show his nerd friends so they can all get sweaty and excited over). And I have no viruses. It's just gunna be another one of them mysteries in my life of something I like doing stops me from doing it, "Yay, me!"


I give up. I'm screwed. Can't play. End of story.

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