Lunar Lancer: Feedback/Personal Opinion (Possible Bug)

I've been playing around with the Lunar Lancer and I must say, the class is a lot of fun to play and looks to be a great addition to the character roster. The grapple mechanic has been tremendous fun to play around with and find uses for, albeit not so much combat orientated but definitely a fun ability nonetheless. I always think what new abilities can be introduced that aren't already similar to the rest but this was definitely a breath of fresh air. However, I'm posting this to the forums more so to address my minor issues with the class in the hopes of the Devs seeing it.


Firstly, after playing with the class since it's launch, I feel that the M2 and 1 abilities should be switched around. Now before you say, I know I can change this in the options, (which after trying to get used to the original skill layout, I ended up doing so and haven't looked back) I still see a trend in similar classes. Take for example: Knight/Candy Barbarian. Both classes have their movement/gap closer ability on 1 and the AoE damage/main damage ability on their M2. Personally, I find it easier to be pressing M2 whilst fighting and focusing on building up my Lunacy mixing in with M1 attacks. The other drawback to my temporary fix is that when I switch to other classes for challenges or just general playing, most of the time I forget i've made the switch and after messing up in the first fight I get in, I have to go through the options which slows gameplay down a little on the initial class switch.


Secondly, now I'm not sure if this was intended or possibly a bug, but when strafing left/right and trying to M1 attack enemies, the Spear will attack in the direction you're facing as opposed to the direction of your cursor. Now, I understand with sword classes, the M1 is more of a sweeping action but still, I feel the Lancer should be able to strafe and still attack an enemy in front of him as opposed to piercing the air to the left/right of the target. Again, this may be intended as the weapon is a pointed Spear but that limits the movement capability during combat to the point where you can only move forward/backwards to evade and still continue to attack with M1.


Finally, a few minor things that aren't really a problem but just personal preference. I would like the Lancer to wield his Spear with two hands. The example I can think of off the top of my head would be the character Xin Zhao from League of Legends. He runs with the spear two handed and attacks in a straight line, thrusting with the spear, not poking as our Lancer does. He also has a crescent sweep attack, similar to the 1 ability of the Lancer and again, two handed. At the minute, the way the Lancer holds his spear during the 1 ability, it's hard to visualize the power behind the attack due to the one handed grip, it would look much more powerful if he were to swing with both hands and put his body into it. The next minor point would be that of Face styles. Personally, I prefer to have face/hat hidden but when trying some on to see what it looked like, the Lancer's ears/snout protrude. This might bother some people but due to the shape of the Lancer's head, I can see why it appears as it does though. 


In summary, the class is a really fun addition and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. The 'problems' i've stated are personal opinion based on my own experience/preferences and to be quite honest, they're not that huge of a problem. Thanks for taking the time to read and if you have anything to add, please leave a reply with your opinions.


Would like M2 and 1 abilities switched. Would like Lancer to hold Spear in two hands. Minor annoyance at strafing/attacking target in front of you and model poking through face styles.


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