Neon Ninja Trove PvP Guide

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Easily countered(will explain later)


Preferably a Pristine banner, can't comment much on this atm as I only have a Battleworn All-Rounder banner.


In PvP the Neon Ninja is quite versatile, you can change play styles and add things to your rotation.


Stasis blade only roots the enemy, they can still jump and attack you.

The Main Burst rotation goes as: Get 4 blocks close to your enemy > Stasis Blade > Turn your camera around quickly > LMB attk untill you get 3 rings around you > Stasis blade > Shadow flip > LMB to throw ninja stars( have to aim at your enemy) > Stasis blade(If they aren't dead).

With this rotation your enemy should be dead if all goes right.

You may also use stasis blade to root your enemy while you wait for energy if you are low.

Neon Ninja vs ____

If I do not mention a certain class, it means that it is quite easy to handle and thus you can use the Main rotation on them.

Chloromancer When going against a Chloromancer(Canermancer) you will want to stasis blade them > dodge away from them > Final Technique spamage. By now they should be dead, if not then you must Stasis blade them again. Chloromancers are weak with out their flowers, try to kite them as they are usually stationary targets. BEWARE THE FLOWER POWER.


Revenant Reverants are tanky and hurt if played correctly. To beat a Revenant the Neon Ninja must kite him. Revenant's 1 skill and 2 skill are easily avoidable, however their RMB attack, Bulwark Bash hits hard and can kill you in one shot(from my experience.) Bulwark Bash activates in a cone in front of the Revenant. So the Neon Ninja's main objective is bait this skill. Rotation: Stasis blade > LMB till 2-3 stacks of rings(depending how fast they are) > Stasis blade > Shadow Flip > Ninja Stars(LMB) > Stasis blade > LMB attk (by now they should be onto their second HP pool w/ their minion, now you have to be a bit more quick to dodge the minion. You may do the same main combo or you can choose to kite the Revenant w/ Stasis blade > Final Technique for a butt hurting amount of damage.


Lunar Lancer (Cancer Lancer; hate these guys :C)

For Lunar Lancers you want to do the main rotation however you have little room for error and must be quick. These guys can turn the battle quickly if you're not fast enough. 

Things to watch out for: 

The Crescent combo: this does a large amount of damage and stuns you briefly, usually used after the Neon Ninja has stasis bladed the Lunar Lancer. 

Blessing of the Moon: Hits like a truck, also heals the Lancer, try to doge this; Used after the Neon Ninja has Stasis Bladed the Lunar Lancer.


Don't let these guys touch you.

Ice Sage

Bait out their Ultimate or else you'll get hit with a Freeze > Neon Ninja Tears Combo.

Keep a close eye on their Ultimate as it's really the only thing that you have to worry about with Ice Sages.

Shadow Hunter

Quite easy really, watch out for their stun


Quite easy really, watch out for their stun traps, and avoid them at all costs.


Also, you have to close on them fast, however you don't have much to worry about as most Shadow Hunters can't aim well. If you do get stuck in a stun trap, Stasis Blade away as fast as you can before they can use their Ultimate skill and 1 shot you.

Neon Ninja

Now it is time to test what you've learned, against your fellow brethren. You will want to get the first stasis blade off, however if you do get stuck in stasis blade first, remember you can jump and easily dodge many of their skills. Secondly, you can stasis blade into them and have a LMB fight with them. To get off your burst on them, wait for them to Stasis Blade them throw your Ninja Stars at them.


The Neon Ninja is a strong class in PvP and can carry a team and do 1 v X's easily. Thank you for taking a look at my lil' guide. and I hope it helped you.If you have any questions whipser me in game /w Apoll0 the 0 is a zero

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