R4PG - CLASS SUGGESTION: Moonlight Mason

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The Moonlight Mason is a class that is made to both attack the enemy and defend your allies. Utilizing a gun and Magic Engineering, the Moonlight Mason summons drones to attack and defend, along with some other heavy pieces of equipment. This class is meant to be a moderate damage dealer or defender, though it may be slightly lacking in health. Enough with the introductions though, onto the good stuff!



Passive (Moonlight Guidance):

Every 5 successfully landed hits causes a piercing beam of moonlight to fire toward the enemy, piercing up to 5 enemies and dealing 133% damage, with a 33% chance to slow for 2 seconds. This passive is modified upon using some of the other abilities.


M1 (Basic Shot):

Fires moderately damaging attacks at a decent pace (think gs fire rate but cut in half, cuz you"re only using one gun!)


M2 (Brick and Mortar):

Summons one of two drones for 15 seconds, using 50 energy (can be alternated during its duration by pressing again). Only one drone can be summoned at a time.

Brick: Your trusty attack drone. Fires at 75% of your attack speed, dealing either a single shot for 125% of your damage or a 3-shot burst of 25% damage a shot, inflicting slowness to the enemy for 1.5 seconds (does not stack). Every three times Moonlight Guidance is activated, Brick fires a chaos block, dealing 125% of your damage in an area and stunning enemies for 1.5 seconds.

Mortar: Your loyal defense drone. Heals at 50% of you attack speed, healing either you or a single ally for 150% of your damage or allies in a radius for 75% of your damage. Every three times Moonlight Guidance is activated, heal all allies in a radius for 200% of your damage and provides 10% damage reduction for 3 seconds.


Ability 1 (Chaos Aegis): Summons a shield around you, absorbing 33% of damage dealt to you and reflecting 33% of your attack damage back to the enemy. Uses 20 energy a second.


Ultimate (Monolith): The user becomes Monolith for 10 seconds. Becoming immobile, you get and overshield with the half the amount of your own health and a 50% damage reduction (while it can regenerate, once lost you can't get it back until the next time you use the ult). Attack speed is doubled while in the form, and attacks will heal friends for 50% of your damage in a small radius where an attack lands. Nearby allies receive a 15% reduction to damage taken and a 33% boost to health re-gen, energy re-gen, and attack speed. Uses 75 energy.



The reason why most attacks will boost the classes defense/ health is due to the fact that this is a squishy class, with about as much health as a staff class such as fae.

During a DotM (Daughter of the Moon) fight, you may think the ult will kill the class by making it impossible for this class to dodge. To compensate for this, when an insta-kill attack is used on the class during the fight, it will knock the class out of ult mode and bring it to very low health, instead of dying, so people won't get frustrated bey getting killed during the ult because they cant move.


Well, that's all! Let me know about any suggestions you have for this class, so that it can be a fair and balanced idea. If this gets enough attention, I may make some lore for this class, just to add a little more to its idea.

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