R4PG Fastest way to get Trove Flux

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ASK: Hey all, So with all these new things coming to trove that are highly impossible for me to get the way intended, I need lots of flux to buy them (mounts, pets). Sadly the only way of flux farming I have right now is farming U5 dungeons, racking in 12 Trove flux per item, but it takes a long time to conjure up enough for a mount such as the pinata (not the autumn one, like I'll ever get 12k lol) from what I know they sell from 2k-3k flux, while digglsy is 1-1.5k, and samantha is 3.5k? Just wanting to know if there is a faster way to gain Trove flux. Thanks!

R4PG Fastest way to get Trove Flux

Answer 1: Actually, it's a viable option with high magic find. They'll usually drop with higher forge level, and give you more flux that way. But it's very boring. The up side is that you can farm Trove flux, but more importantly all those styles you need to get more mastery points.

Answer 2: The only problem with this is, you have to get a group together, and then wait for them to drop, when you can farm u5, remember 12 Trove flux an item, if you have good gear, you can clear bosses/mobs pretty easily, get the items and deconstruct them for 12 flux a piece, and you don't have to wait :P It's just about an hour or 2 of farming.

Answer 3: I'm wondering if it would be worth it to get 20ish people together in a circle so when the big shadow boss drops from the sky for everyone you'd all get 5 Trove flux. 20 people = 100 Trove flux every 15 minutes or so when they crash to the ground near ya.

Answer 4: Lol i have a lvl 5 GS he U1's like a boss (don't try unless you have 50k credits) i also have a OP 11k hp lvl 8 barb C: so i get flux pretty easy from u1-3 drops i suggest SA and sell stuff or like deconstruct (i have like lvl 5 shadow rarity lvl 20 forged Trove items ThEY DON'T drop you need to have mad money to make ur classes OP)

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R4PG Trove Gamer Store
R4PG Trove Gamer Store
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