R4PG Trove Aviex's Chaos forging guide

I've been testing a lot with chaos forging just to find out the maxes and techniques for all your theory crafters out there. And here's my findings. Guns sword hats and masks all have bound slots Swords first slot(of the 4) will always be physical damage of course.

Guns first slot(of the 4) will always be magic damage.

Guns/Swords second slot(of the 4) will always be of these:

attack speed

movement speed

energy regen

max health

Guns/Swords third slot will always be 1 of these stats



health regen


Guns/Swords fourth slot(if you have it) is identical to the stats of the second slot, though stats can not be repeated.

Mask and hats also share similar relations, but differ when it comes to their 3rd slot

The First slot of masks/hats will always be health(tho not shown in the first slot always unless in forging window)

The Second And Fourth slot of masks/hats will always be one of these

attack speed

health regen

movement speed

The Third slot of hats will always be one of these


magic find


% max health


The Third Slot of masks will always be one of these:

magic damage



max health

physical damage

With this information many things can be determined. You might call the third slot of items "exclusive" where as the 2nd and 4th slots are more available.

Say you want more damage, you'll have to give up the possible jump on a mask to get that damage, or if you want lasermancy you'll have to give up % health or magic find. This is helpful in order to create "sets" as in a certain 3 pieces of armor designated to do one certain task.

You can have your "combat" armor with % health and attack speed on your hat and damage and attack speed on your mask and then you can have your "mining" armor, with lasermancy and perhaps movement speed on your hat, with jump and movement speed on your mask.

I've also determined rough estimates for max stat values(in the shadow w/ exalted level 25 state).

Health on mask/hats is maxed at rough 1960 health.

lasermancy on hats is maxed at roughly 78 lasermancy.

magic find on hats is maxed at roughly 226 magic find.

% health on masks/hats is maxed at roughly ** 29% health**.

magic and physical damage on masks are maxed at roughly ** 248 damage**.

damage on weapons is maxed at roughly 754 damage(magic and physical damage to their respective weapons).

energy regen on weapons is maxed at roughly ** 88 energy regen**.

knockback on weapons is maxed at roughly ** 201 knockback**.

health on weapons is maxed at roughly 1287 health.

global numbers(for all gear) are:

movement speed maxed at roughly 12 movement speed.

attack speed maxed at roughly ** 22 attack speed**.

jump maxed at almost definitely 12 jump.(making 38 jump the max?)

stability maxed at roughly 201 stability.

health regen is maxed at roughly 901 health regen.


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