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Fishing is a gameplay mechanic that allows players to farm materials through means of fishing in different liquid blocks and locations. Players can curently fish in water, lava and chocolate.  Plasma fishing will be added in a future patch.

r4pg:Trove Fishing

Fishing Rods and Lures
For players to start fishing, they need to have a Fishing Pole and Lures (both can be bought using Glim). Both of these items can be bought from NPC Saltwater Sam, who is located at the pirate area of the Hub World, north west of the spawn point. Players can only fish when they have Lures in their inventory, not having any lures will not let the player cast a line.

Special rods to unlock other kinds of fishing can be crafted at the Nautical Assembler to the left and right of Saltwater Sam.  These rods unlock lava and chocolate fishing, and the last rod can be used to catch enchanted fish.

Start Fishing
After getting the necessary materials, players need to cast their lure on any liquid blocks by pushing the "F" key.  Holding the "F" key will display a trajectory of where your lure will land after releasing the button.  Lures that don't land in liquid will not be consumed.
Players can also fish while on their boat, but not when it is in motion. Players must wait for 20-30 seconds for the lure to start splashing in order to reel in a fish, and will have 5 seconds to press the "F" key again to catch it.  Missing a fish will cause your lure to be consumed.  Lures will be consumed if the player reels in too soon.
NOTE: Players are unable to fish in Regretful Water (A.K.A. The Sea of Regret)

Factors for Getting Rare Fish
There are many different rare fish to catch, each with certain requirements.  Here are the factors that decide which fish can be caught:

Biomes: Some fish are biome specific and can only be caught within a required biome.   Shadow Arenas, Hub Worlds, Tutorial Worlds, and  Clubs are considered different areas other than biomes.
Day and Night cycles: Some fish can only be caught within the day and night cycles of the game, not by real time. Day cycles last 20 minutes while Night cycles last for only five minutes.
Height: Certain fish can only be caught within a set height distance, usually from 6-20 for low dwelling fish, 21-199 for regular fish, and 200+ for high flying fish.  
Since a recent update removed the FPS counter and the height indicator, players can use the /loc command in chat and read the middle number to make sure they're at the appropriate height to catch the fish they want.
Fishing Pole specific: Certain fish (mainly the Enchanted ones) can only be caught using a certain rod while meeting one or more of the requirements above.
(Magic Find has shown evidence of allowing players to collect rarer fish more frequently, however, this is still in its theory stages.)

Through fishing you can gain Glim, Flux and Crafting Materials like Blank Scrolls, Radiant Shards, Shapestone, Infinium and more. Each fish gives a certain amount of materials/Glim and can give higher amounts depending on the Rarity of the fish.
The first fish of each kind you deconstruct will give you Mastery points.
Deconstructing Rare and Enchanted fish will give the player Ancient Scales and Enchanted Scales, respectively.  Ancient Scales are used to create the other special fishing rods and new boats.  Enchanted Scales are needed to create both Jellyfish mounts.
During fishing, you have the possibility of catching a very rare fishing rod called the Wish Fisher.

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