r4pg:Trove Glim Farming Tips

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Glim is a trading and crafting material previously known as the crafting material warpseed. It is a very commonly used crafting material, used in almost all recipies. Glim is now collected in the same way warpseed previously was, by destroying enemies, weeds, grasses and other one-block-sized blocks around in the worlds with the addition of deconstructing Fish that can be obtained while Fishing. Glim is considered to be a currency in addition to a material, and it is used to trade with pirates for Allies, Mounts and Sails in Treasure Isles

r4pg:Trove Glim Farming Tips

Trove Glim Farming Tips

Glim can be easily obtained while fishing. Most fish (common and uncommon) can deconstruct for at least 3-100 glim per fish. Catching and deconstructing rare fish always gives 1,000 Glim.
Glim can be dropped by the grass in all Biomes, and by defeating enemies. The easiest and fastest way to farm for it is to go to a low level adventure zone and destroy the grass and enemies you find there. The Fae Trickster's bombs are good for this. The Knight's auto-attack and the Dracolyte's flamethrower are excellent choices as well, and the Neon Ninja's superb speed makes it highly recommended. It's tedious, and takes a lot of time, much like Somber Souls do. If you can, find a friend or group and stick together so you'll all get drops from everything being destroyed.
Mounts now trample grasses, reducing the need to hack-n-slash it.
Try selling flux for glim. Flux never has a 1:1 ratio to glim when trading.

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