RMT in Steam's Trove forums

Lately, I have come to notice that in the Trove forums on Steam, both the general forum and the trading forum, there are people attempting to sell Trove codes and in-game items for real money via paypal, skrill, etc.


Am I the only one who has a problem with this? There are a few people in the trade forum there trying to sell trove flux, etc, for real money, and there is at least one guy who is posting that he is selling the streamer giveaway balefire wing codes even. That guy has at least two posts about it claiming that he has a lot of them to sell. Have the folks at Trion Worlds and the Trove devs noticed this yet?


It doesn't seem to be a HUGE thing yet, but I would imagine that this is the sort of thing that Trion would want to nip in the bud. I know that at least one of these steam posts has been flagged for review by a moderator, but I don't know if the steam moderators actually have any guidelines about that sort of thing yet.


I'm sure that at least some of this is a scam, but even the ones who aren't scamming are at least trying to make a profit off of things that they don't own and have no license to do so with. Please do something about this. I love this game and think that this can only be detrimental to it in the long run.


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