Suggestion for Trove:Sun Goddess' Orders

Ok, so Trove sometimes gets a little repetitive and once you get high mastery, most of the stuff you do is grind. Now, we are having a new mastery cap, which may save Trove, but I think my idea is pretty good keep reading to see for yourself!




The Sun Goddess' Orders is a rare island in the Sky Realm where you can buy a challenge depending on it's rarity, difficulty and rewards. Each time you beat these challenges (more creative than "kill the enemies") you get 1 Sun Point. Reaching 10 Sun Points gets you to a higher tier: Daughter Of The Sun's Orders. I will make this into a better format down below:

Tier 1: Sun Orders

Average cost to enter: 1k Trove flux/ 2k glim

Average Reward: 6k Trove flux / 10k glim

Average rarity: 6/10


Tier 2: Daughter Of The Sun's Orders

Average Cost to enter: 5k Trove flux/ 10k glim

Average Reward: 12k Trove Flux/ 20k Glim

Average rarity: 9/10


Final Tier: Sun Godess' Orders

Average Cost to enter: 10k Trove Flux/ 22k Glim

Average Reward: 30k Trove Flux/ 52k Glim

Average Rarity: 9.4/10


Now, the rewards aren't just Trove flux. Here are some ideas for other rewards -

Chaos Chests

Radiant Caches

Troves of Wonder

Regal Nimbus (Golden Nimble Nimbus, gold sparkles too)

Radiant Auras


Dragon Caches

Costume Mystery Box (Sun Goddess Tier)

Ganda (Sun Goddess Tier)

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