Suggestion for Trove:Sun Goddess' Orders

Ok, so Trove sometimes gets a little repetitive and once you get high mastery, most of the stuff you do is grind. Now, we are having a new mastery cap, which may save Trove, but I think my idea is pretty good keep reading to see for yourself!




The Sun Goddess' Orders is a rare island in the Sky Realm where you can buy a challenge depending on it's rarity, difficulty and rewards. Each time you beat these challenges (more creative than "kill the enemies") you get 1 Sun Point. Reaching 10 Sun Points gets you to a higher tier: Daughter Of The Sun's Orders. I will make this into a better format down below:

Tier 1: Sun Orders

Average cost to enter: 1k Trove flux/ 2k glim

Average Reward: 6k Trove flux / 10k glim

Average rarity: 6/10


Tier 2: Daughter Of The Sun's Orders

Average Cost to enter: 5k Trove flux/ 10k glim

Average Reward: 12k Trove Flux/ 20k Glim

Average rarity: 9/10


Final Tier: Sun Godess' Orders

Average Cost to enter: 10k Trove Flux/ 22k Glim

Average Reward: 30k Trove Flux/ 52k Glim

Average Rarity: 9.4/10


Now, the rewards aren't just Trove flux. Here are some ideas for other rewards -

Chaos Chests

Radiant Caches

Troves of Wonder

Regal Nimbus (Golden Nimble Nimbus, gold sparkles too)

Radiant Auras


Dragon Caches

Costume Mystery Box (Sun Goddess Tier)

Ganda (Sun Goddess Tier)


Lastest Complate Orders


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