Team Fortress 2FORT, PvP Arena by Club Batlground

Here is an old classic CTF map from Team Fortress called 2fort. I'm sure many of you have played it before. It's one of my favorites from my old FPS days and I wanted to recreate it as faithfully as I could.


/joinworld Batlground, Club: Batlground - Yes it's spelled like that on purpose =)


Batlground will be a club designed purely to access PvP arenas. I currently have one arena map at the moment, but more will come!


I would like to present: Team Fortress Classic: 2FORT!

A snapshot of both forts and the bridge.

Under the bridge showing water tunnels and one of the two secret access tubes that lead to the neutral flag spawn.

Fun fact: it took over 9,000! melty ice blocks to create all the water areas in this map. ..Ok it's probably closer to 8000 =P

Neutral flag spawn location, accessed by the secret water tube under the bridge.

The flag room.. Ooooo...

Entering Red base..


The main room where you can access the multiple entry points to reach the flag.

Red team's sniper deck and capture point!

(the capture points are recessed purely for a cleaner more aesthetic look, but function all the same. =)


Watching this short video will help you find where everything is located, just in case you have never played classic 2fort before. It will show you the different routes, powerup locations, flag spawns, and the flag capture points on the sniper decks, as well as the neutral flag of strife spawn and general flow of the map.


If you would like to play this arena with your friends and club members be sure to type: /joinworld Batlground


Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions. I've tried my best to make the map as fast and clean as possible but also stay as faithful to the original 2fort as I can. (aside from the added flag of strife area).

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