The Friendly/Passive Shmeep Should be Added to Trove

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- In large PH biomes, neutral shmeep can spawn in flocks that can range anywhere from 10 to 50 shmeep.


- Each of these has a small chance to be replaced with a Shwag Shmeep. (These can also rarely spawn in hidden locations in Lost/Treasure Isles dungeons.)


- In flocks of 10-15, 1 Lampooning Lambshade will spawn in addition to the rest. In 16-35, 2 spawn. In 36-50, 3 spawn. These serve as guardians/protectors of the flock.


- Shears can be crafted at the adventurer's crafting bench using 100 formicite, 100 glim, and 5 enchanted wood. You can shear a shmeep by putting the shears into a hotkey slot and holding the hotkey for 1 second while holding your mouse over the shmeep you want to shear to gain wool, which can be used to add modifiers to gear, craft costumes, gardening, and crafting decorations. You can only shear each shmeep once, but a different person shearing the same shmeep doesn't stop you from doing the same.


The Friendly/Passive Shmeep Should be Added to Trove


Shearing a Shwag Shmeep grants 500 flux instead, and you cannot shear Lampooning Lambshades.


- Killing shmeep grants meat, which can be used in cooking or crafting mounts and allies. You cannot gain on-death drops from shmeep after shearing it.

Killing Shwag Shmeep drops 500 flux instead, and Lampooning Lambshades drop nothing on death except their wall trophy.


- Lampooning Lambshades will immediately attack you if you harm any shmeep nearby. They run very quickly, deal high damage and knockback on hit, can leap very high heights into the air if you try to jump away from combat, and have about the health of a lair boss.


If my trophy system suggestion is implemented, then Shmeep will count as 'common small mobs', Shwag Shmeep will count as 'rare small mobs', and Lampooning Lambshades will count as 'elite small mobs'.




Using 200 wool, 100 meat, and 1000 flux each, you can craft a shmeep NPC that can be placed in cornerstones or club worlds. These can be sheared once every 4 hours, but not attacked. They also cannot be sheared except by players who are allowed to edit where the shmeep was placed. (only the cornerstone owner can shear a cornerstone shmeep, and if a shmeep is placed in an officer zone of a club world then only officers can shear it. Leaders can still shear shmeep that are in a no-edit zone.)


A 4x4x1 dot is placed where you put down the shmeep; to remove it, laser said dot. The shmeep can wander up to 7 blocks away from the dot in any one direction.

To prevent exploits, shmeep are automatically placed on shearing-cooldown when placed down.


You can also feed these with some things crafted at the gardening bench or cooking table to give some bonus prizes, ranging from a reduction to cooldown to the shmeep gaining "carrot charges" (you get a carrot, one per charge, the next time you shear the shmeep; this is indicated in orange dot VFX above the shmeep; carrots can fed directly back to the shmeep, or used to craft more foods at the cooking bench).

Yes I'm aware of how weird the 'carrot charge' idea is.


EDIT: Other shmeep can also be crafted as NPCs! Lampooning Lambshades would require a HoD, 100 wool, 200 meat, and 2500 flux, while Shwag Shmeeps would require 100 wool, 100 meat, 500 golden seashells, and 5000 flux. These cannot be sheared (except to trigger 'carrot charges' and similar things), being mostly cosmetic, but you can still feed them.

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