The Trove of wonders won't solve the issue with the "glass ceiling"

As someone very familiar with the market in trove


I can speak for almost every new player when I say the biggest problem isn't the total number of Trove flux in the game, it is the ability to get radiant gear.


There is a very noticeable WALL people will run into, around U-2/U-3 when they just can't progress, because the gear they need is too expensive, and they have no real means to get it effectively.


A Trove flux sink, while helpful. trying to take it away, to make the prices more reasonable, won't work, as our "wealth" isn't IN Trove flux anymore, its in other things such as mounts, chaos chests, pentas, radiant gears etc. We hit the limit of the Trove flux we had, so we had to spend it.


Eyes of Q'blahblahghaskldja need to be much easier to get... Honestly their rate should be double that of what it is, maybe even more. Double the eyes, you find yourself with half the cost of them. The cost of all forged souls will lower, there will be more pentas. Radiant gear won't be such an impossible thing to get for new players, the total number of radiant's will increase with more being forged, etc.


To get a character to lvl 42... You need something like... 780k+ worth of gear... for a new player that is an ENOURMOUS feat.


Would it REALLY hurt if we made that number a bit lower? Taking away Trove flux won't really solve much but make Trove flux THAT MUCH MORE desired. It doesn't solve the issue of the cost of gear that is the problem everyone is facing.


I am going to go ahead and say if you went and TRIPLED the rate of eyes of Q'blathublahblah in every chest, tome, and everything, the prices on things would go down in regards to radiant gear. More people with radiant, you would have more people doing shadow tower, you would have more people in the sky realm, you would just have more people STAY WITH THE GAME because it no longer feels like they are trying to jog in quicksand, that no matter what they do they don't see any progress.


I personally know people who have quit this game for that EXACT reason.


Everyone complaining about the price of costumes, etc, being a lot higher than they used to be...? Well yeah that's not gonna be solved... People who spent real $ realized just how valuable their credits were, and I don't see that going down any time soon. They paid real money for it and can choose what to charge.


If you want to lower the price of something, you need to lower what something COSTS to make... 


Pentas physically cost more than 50k+ total Trove flux, and eyes to craft, thats why they are going for close to 60k... (We want less Trove flux in the game apparently so addressing the issue of EYES would be the most logical choice)

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