Trove - Rise of the Shadow Tower Update is Live!

Jealous of the luminous Sun Goddess, the Moon Goddess fuels the forces of darkness with her hatred and fear. The emboldened Shadow has taken refuge in the Shadow Tower, and threatens to spread, once again, across the realms.

People insisted in saying "devs know what they're doing" and "they thought about that, don't you worry" but I was worried, and with reason...and we're only 5 hours into the thing.


lemme elaborate, we thought the economy wouldnt work with their new plan, bc, for every player that is still getting mastery, getting trove flux for trades is the main thing, and the new system doesnt allow for trove flux gattering as easy as the former one. but not only that, ppl won't lower the prices of the stuff they had before the update, to accomodate they new economy, au contraire, prices are going up, bc upgrading stuff is harder to get now, and nobody is buying souls and coins anymore to make the economy roll..


And the new "flux pool" they promissed, ST, wow, just finished doing Daughter of the Moon normal mode, and from eveything that droped, I was able to buy 2 titan chests (3 souls each), that gave me 7.5k trove flux total (3k and 4.5k), now, even if I do all the hard mode ones, with that average, I can get max 25k trove flux PER WEEK, that is... half a penta, PER WEEK... yea, nvm right? bc Dragons are easy to get now right? we will all get all dragons, get that amazing 15 mastery levels they provide, and then!!! and then nothing, bc theres no flux flow anymore, so there's no way to get mastery (easily)...


But hey, alot of ppl have max mastery already, thats cool right, make it harder for the newcommers, ye, that is smart... and also, every old players I did ST with, today, are already complaining they were expecting more, that its just plain SA grinding, nothing new... 


But hey, ppl discussed, ppl gave cool ideas, ppl fought on the forums to let the devs make everything as they wanted, and nothing changed from the original plan most players were against on the forums... that's how it's, and always will be, nothing new.


But remember kids, there are a bunch of new stuff on the store, so since you can't build trove flux ingame anymore, just spend more cash to raise your mastery lv... oh! wait a minute...


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