Trove: very bad RNG on multiple class gems

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Today I destroyed the work of some months of playing and ended up with a stack and a half of red gem dusts.Too bad I have no clovers left, like most of the time. Very bad RNG on multiple class gems, on many empowered gems, even on stellar empowered gem boxes, I frankenstained from the dead corpses of the normal bad empowered gems. At the end it all boiled down to "here is your red dust, mate". Luckily I didn't buy anything of it with real money.


This is quite frustrating after a while, and you feel like you get nowhere, and all of the archivement feeling, gets killed.


Trove: very bad RNG on multiple class gems


I actually accept that system, since most games have some kind of randomness mechanic as time sink built in, but the additional layer of RNG by leveling the gems is madness in my opinion. In theory, you should fully level a gem up to it's maximum, spending a LOT of resources for that, to actually know, if at the end that gem is top, good or kind of bad. This is very disheartening, and a lot more for people that decide to spend real money on gem stuff in the shop.


There is already a lot of RNG in the game, let me at least be happy, when finally something good dropped from a gem box, that it will stay good till max level, and is worth investing in.


I know this issues about RNG has been brought up many times, but since in my opinion it can be deal breaking for many casual players, it may be worth being brought up again, without having to necro older threads.


Almost every aspect of this game is based on randomness, from the very moment you step into the world. Chests have random loot, with random styles and random stats. Gem rarity is random(To a degree, based on world level) and their stats are random. Levelling up gems is even random in itself.


While I personally don't mind the gem RNG- mostly because I like mindless grinding- the whole Empowered Gem situation has me a little irked as well. I've had some difficulty getting some friends to keep playing Trove because the concept is so frustrating and unfair for them. For example, say both friends have 1200 PR before doing DOTM that week. One gets an Empowered Gem, one doesn't. So, great, now we're seperated pretty heavily based on that alone.


Bottom line is: I'd like to see some sort of change to the Empowered Gem system, because as of now it's really dissuading to new players, and extremely frustrating to Veteran ones. Perhaps if there was another way to craft Gem boxes it'd be a lot easier.

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