Trove boss - Shade Hydrakken aka Shadow Hydra

Trionworlds Created Backstory: Although the Three Rulers of the Oceans claim dominion over all that is maritime, legends speak of a fourth ruler, patiently observing from the darkest depths. The existence of the Shadow Hydra lends credence to the existence of this mysterious Fourth, for no other Ruler of the Sea claims the multi-headed monstrosity as one of their own.

Trove boss - Shade Hydrakken aka Shadow Hydra

This idea exploded from my brain as I was thinking of ideas for shadow titans. I actually made the mount posted above (it's based on the raptor mount) and was going to post it soon for people to try out. But then, I thought, what if you could get the mount by killing a GIANT HYDRA beast. I'm going to make an actual model soon, but I wanted to throw this idea up there before I forgot to.


The beast would have 8 heads (equivilent to the amount of people in a shadow arena party) that would be attached to a singular body. The body could move around, but of course, it would be heavy and a little slow. All the heads would be facing different directions, so there was no place to hide from the damage. At the center of the body would be a giant green crystal that powers the beast.


EDIT: Thinking of placing crystals in each of the heads mouths, or somewhere on the heads so each head has a different ability.




Void Crystal: The hydrakken's gem absorbs all light in the tower, exploding it out in a powerful burst, blinding all Trovians for 5 seconds.


Corrupting Black Flames: All the hydrakken's heads charge up for a few seconds, turning the diamond purple. Black fire balls are then sent, all at once, to all corners of the room. If a Trovian is hit, the explosion upon impact poisons anyone nearby. 


[Passive] Detach: When one head has taken a certain amount of damage, the head pops off and turns into a vile serpent, chasing down the player to last damage the head. The serpents possess their own individual colors, signifying certain abilites (random boss abilites, bees, knockback, healing towers, etc.)

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