Trove Class Suggestion - The Rogue Spawn

It's been quite awhile since I last made a class suggestion. I've only just got back into playing Trove again after a months long hiatus, so some details about the class may be a bit hazy at first. My sincere apologies if that's the case.


And now, I present to you an outdated meme!


You're walking in the woods.

There's no one around,

And your phone is dead.

Out of the corner of your eye you spot him, 

The Rogue Spawn


Some may not know this, but not all shadows are evil. They obeyed the commands of Q'bthulu, for countless days, weeks, months, and years. They hunted countless adventurers, some more successful than others. But to some of them, the chance of them ever succeeding seemed to be reliant entirely on luck. They yearned for something more. Something they could feel. They wanted a greater challenge then the ones they already have, their own kind. The Rogue Spawn defected to the Sun Goddess so that they could finally get the challenge they'd hoped for. What they lack in sensibility, they excel in obedience.



This class is designed around the idea of pinning enemies down and finishing them off. While rather squishy and weak, they make up for in their mobility and attack speed. The class would utilize claws, a currently unused weapon type that I know a couple of you would know about if you've looked through the files of the game. Their animations would be rather twitchy and somewhat feral, reflecting on where they originated from.


PASSIVE: Persistence

"The thrill of the hunt gets you excited, but maybe a bit too much."

- Attack speed increases and movement speed decreases as you hold down LMB

- Attack speed and movement speed reset as soon as you let go of LMB


ABILITY 1: Pounce

"Throw yourself at enemies, then land the killing blow."

- AoE 3x3 (No Edge)

- Stuns enemies for 1.5-2 seconds

- Leap distance is affected by movement; running backwards will leap the minimum possible distance

- In Battle Arena (PvP), this ability will make the player drop any flag they are holding


ABILITY 2: Puncture

"Bite into your enemies, stealing their health."

- Short range vampiric attack.

- Deals approx x3 normal attack.


ULTIMATE: Piercing Void

"Shoot a powerful beam of pure, concentrated darkness."

- Shoots a large laser beam. Think Laser Bosses.

- Very damaging.

- Launches enemies back.

- Has a second long start up animation before the laser is fired.



So far, I currently have concepts for the level progression costumes. More costumes yet to come.


He's following you

About 30 feet back.

He gets down on all fours and breaks into a sprint.

He's gaining on you.

Shia LeBeouf.


Author's Note: If you think darkness can't be bad, then just look at Sailor Saturn from the Sailor Moon series. While other sailor scouts got elemental abilities such as lightning, fire, and even bubbles, Saturn had the powers of death itself. Think about that for a second.


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