Trove Comprehensive Mining Guide

Mining to me has always been special, its the go to money maker for me. Its what allowed me to get and stay rich. Its how I obtained 42 on all classes. I did not "market" buy low sell high, nope, I earned everything.


Now im sharing how I make money with you guys so you too can make SL4 rings or craft portals, trade it, whatever. I made all of my own rings and I want others to have good rings too.


(if trove could add in a dragon bonus that increases lasermancy, I would be so happy)


I have 453LM? it'll show in the video at the bottom. I mine so fast its hard to keep the beam focused on the ore sometimes, and I get other surrounding blocks, but thats ok, they have a sell value too!


Beginner Tips -

1. properly equipping. you're going to want as much lasermancy as you can get, Ring, Hat, and ally can all rock lasermancy. Extra jump also helps for getting places, or reaching those in the wall veins., I've put it on my weapon as needed. 

And Diggsly is a + too. 


2. Head on over to uber 1. Always always always always, find a Dragon Peaks to mine in. If the Dragon Peaks you found doesn't have a large underground mine then check your map for any other DP's in the area and head there. If that one doesn't have one either and theres no other DP's on the map, head back to hub or a club and go up 1uber difficulty up and check a new Dragon Peaks. you can also mine out any ore you see along the way. 


Intermediate Tips - 


1. If you can afford to upgrade your lasermancy gear, do it.


2. if you can bomb or utilize dragons to clear out ore veins faster, do it. bombing is the fastest method however you can miss... or it eats away at some of your profits to make more bombs. 


3. this is when you will start to divide up the map, instead of going for first ore you see to the next immediate ore. you will divide up the map and clear it out systemically. in a snake pattern up and down, or in a swirl pattern (the method i choose), by circling around the border and slowly working my way in. 

This way you collect all ore in the fastest amount of time.


4. You may want to prioritize ore collecting, going after what you need or what is most valuable. 

Primordial flame > Infinium > shapestone > formicite. this will give you the most value per ore, but if you're like me, you mine everything anyway, its all got a sell value.


Advanced Tips -


1. Reduce travel time between ores and Dragon Peaks by boat jumping, or what I do, knight 1 ability, with max energy regen, it offers for speedy travel. 


2. say in global chat "found large mine if anyone wants to mine with me" and get someone to mine for you, (I mean with you) and together your mining speed increases dramatically. With a small group, you almost feel negligible yourself! 


3. you can either sell your boxes or open them in hopes for a diggsly, diggsly have a nice small chunk value, or even the ore you get is still useful. 

you can also sell the block recepies you get if you have all of them like I do. 


4. Megaminer emblem, it helps, but it also takes time to chug the potion and there are no cornerstones to refill from.... so its up to you to invest the 40k for it. i dont, i rock the gear instead. it would only add 200LM for me. 


5. You may want to consider a different class to suit your needs, boomeranger can be useful for destroying blocks with free bombs. dracolyte can stand in lava and you dont need to worry about lava damage while mining. 


Heres a video of me mining in action.


this video is 6 minutes long. ~10seconds to get started. 2minutes of travel time to get to DP, and 4 minutes of mining. 


in those 4 minutes of mining I gathered 340shapestone, 44primordial flame, ~40infinium, and 60formicite. thats 2000 + trove flux right there. at the current values, 1:3:f, 1:18f, 1:7f, 1:2f.


if i were to continuously mine for 1 hour, I would have have made 30k trove flux. thats quite a bit for no combat, no deaths, and no RNJesus loot roles.

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