Trove Create a Boss - Choose Your Like a Trove Boss

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Trovians, We have been blown away by the creativity displayed in shaping our next Shadow Titan! The time has come to vote on your favorite.

Take a look at our finalists (in no particular order), then pick the one you’d most like to face off against in the dreaded Shadow Tower. Get your vote in by Friday, August 7th to shape this cubic catalyst of chaos!

Trove Create a Boss - Choose Your Like a Trove Boss

Gumball Titan by Paratrepic

Created by Eis-Crom in the early days of the Prime Realms, Gumball Titans were once a common sight. Peacefully striding the Candorian Steppes with unexpected grace and great care, these gentle giants tended jelly pits and dredged chocolate lakes as the prime stewards of the land. In the days preceding the Great Sundering, however, many were laid low at the behest of one of the Shadows’ mysterious leaders; their gigantic bodies spirited away from the Prime Realm before it was rent apart. What befell these peaceful favorites of Eis-Crom at the hands of the Shadows is unknown.


The Corrupted Selenine by MonsterBoys

Just like the Sun Goddess was served by the Celestial Paragons, so too did the Moon Goddess have a retinue of handmaidens: the Selenines. The Selenines served her dutifully, often visiting the Prime Realm to bestow inspiration upon the worthy. None have seen the Selenines since the great sundering however, and their fate after their Lady’s turn to the darkness is a mystery to most (and a cause of concern to a significant few).


The Shadow Hydra by Fried Sushi

Although the Three Rulers of the Oceans claim dominion over all that is maritime, legends speak of a fourth ruler, patiently observing from the darkest depths. The existence of the Shadow Hydra lends credence to the existence of this mysterious Fourth, for no other Ruler of the Sea claims the multi-headed monstrosity as one of their own.


The Molten Tarrasque by Drionid

Shortly before the great sundering the Shadows swarmed unchecked across the Dragonlands. Sects of Dracolytes sought to halt the Shadow’s advance, summoning a great Primordial Ancestor to aid in battle. Unbeknownst to them, one sect turned to the Shadow and revealed the plan to their masters. While the summoning was nearing an end, the shadow swarmed across the Dragonlands consuming and corrupting the Primordial Ancestor.


Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of our next Shadow Titan, cast your vote today (it just takes a moment)!

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