Trove FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I am surprised nobody has ever made this ( I have tried to make one before but it failed).

I see so many of the same threads that have already been answered, so here it is - the ultimate FAQ.


Let's get straight into it.


Table of Contents

1.Club Looting/Griefing

2.PVP Mode

3.Getting Scammed and how to report it.

4.Creating trove items for Trove.

5.PTS - Public Test Server.

6.Mac Version

7.Found a bug? Let the devs know!

8.How not to get banned from the forums

9.Code Trading/Selling


1. Club Looting/Griefing


This seems to be a big problems among clubs.


The griefers cannot be banned as it is not against the rules. Giving someone permissions for your club is your own risk. Please do not come on the forums and complain as it was your fault for giving strangers permission. Try to rebuild, as the devs cannot help you!


If you want to restrict zones use /zonerestrict (officer)(architect)(member).


You can also check the club logs to see what was done by using /club log (club name)


2. PVP Mode


Yes! It's being worked on. Beta will start sometime after the Shadow Tower update.

I have made a thread discussing how it's going to work which you can find here:


Also here's a quote from Avarem's PVP thread:


Hey all. We've had a lot of PvP threads recently!


I want to share a little info here and also consolidate these discussions, which from time to time seem to overrun our forum here.


First of all, the info: we are going to experiment with a 'PvP' game mode. I don't promise when or if it will go live, but we're going to try some stuff out and if things go well there will probably be some tests on the live servers in a few weeks.


Second of all: it's going to be in Trove, so this means a few things. It's not going to be highly skill based (unlikely to be an e-sport), it's not going to be highly structured, and it's probably going to have a decent chunk of sheer randomness.


Right now we're starting some experiments with a 'survival island' type last man standing game mode. 30 people enter, 1 person leaves. Without going in to too much detail it also scales PvP damage low early in the match and increases it as the game goes on, making it important to do PvE and co-operate early and then backstab later. This should give you some idea of the direction we're thinking. We want to keep it fun for as many people as possible and more reliant on strategic gameplay than moment to moment twitch. For the people who don't want to take part it will remain even more optional than most other activities, and it's likely that most if not all rewards will be tradable so you can still acquire them even if you don't want to participate.


Hopefully that cleared all the confusion about PVP.


3. Getting Scammed and how to report it.


Scamming is an issue right now so here's some steps on how to contact the devs:

Record the scammer's name (screenshot works best)

Send an email to [email protected]

Tell them the scammer's name, around what time it was and the items as well as your name.

Simply wait till the issue is fixed and you get your stuff back. They get a lot of these a day so please be patient.


Do Not:

Make a post about it on the forums as it doesn't solve anything.

Do not publicly post the Scammer's name on a thread as it is against the forum rules to name and shame.

Here is also a post made by Aetheonus about conducting safe trades.


Make sure you always use a Trading Post.


4. Creating items for Trove.


Trove allows you to submit items that have a chance to be added in the game. There are a lot of options to choose from, these are:


Weapons (Staves, Melee, Bows, Guns)

Masks and Hats



Lairs & Dungeons


Tutorials on how to make each are found here:

Also Trovesaurus is a great place to find guides:

Check out this awesome Modding Guide made by Milambit


Get out there and start making stuff for the game!


To submit your items:


Masks, Hats, Weapons, Lairs & Dungeons are submitted on the Trove Creations Subreddit

Costumes and Mounts and everything which is not the things above are submitted on the Mod Subforum.


To install mods view this thread here


5. PTS - Public Test Server.


The PTS is for you to test upcoming content for bugs and things that shouldn't be there. To join the PTS you must have at least one class at Max Level 20. To get on it, simply select it from the Glyph Drop Down box in the top right corner when you want to launch Trove.


Want to know if the PTS is online? Here you go:

This image was kindly created by Etaew (creator of Trovesaurus) and it automatically updates itself.


The PTS doesn't have an online schedule, it is randonly online, sometimes for a few days, and sometimes for the whole week. We don't know.


Still need help? View this video: 


6. Mac Version


The Mac version of the game is just around the corner and it is being worked on. Please be patient as it is coming soon. 


No specific date yet though.


7. Found a bug? Let the devs know!


Bugs are in every game. It is important that if you find a bug you report it as soon as possible.


Simple create a thread in General Discussion describing the bug and how to reproduce it. Give constructive feedback.


The devs may not respond but they will see it as they browse the forums a lot and although they don't respond, they take everything into account.


8. How not to get banned from the forums

Don't post offensive content (pornography, racist, so on.)

Don't be offensive to others and members of staff

No naming and shaming on the forums (of staff and other members)

No Discussing forum moderation

Full list can be found here

If you find something offensive on the forums, click the little Exclamation(!) mark under the person's profile picture and information in the bottom left corner and specify why you've reported them.


9. Code Trading/Selling


This is not allowed. The devs cannot control what happens when people trade items for codes so it is not allowed because it is very easy to get scammed.


Also code selling for real money is against the rules and will get you banned.


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