Trove Gumball Titan

Possessed with shadows it becomes dangerous enemy, Gumball Titan. Last Gumball Titan has been seen over a thousand years ago, and nowadays candy people only tell stories and legends about those hulking beasts, but somewhere in the back of their minds is a fear, a fear about the Titans who might have been real and return some day. Who knows?

Trove Boss



Ability 1:

Gumball Titan gathers power for a huge punch that shakes the ground and creates a blast wave that throws all unlucky trovians several meters in the air. preferably so much that they take some falling damage so maybe the damage from the blast is not the that much of a damage dealer but gravity itself is.


Ability 2:

Gumball Titan spits several barrages of flaming gumballs from its container creating a mortar kind of effect where gumballs land at random locations (preferably concentrated somewhat around the players in order to make them move) and in the point of impact creates a puddle of molten gum that slows everyone who touches it OR smaller gumball shadow monsters spawn from the puddles and the puddles need to be destroyed in order to stop them.


Ability 3:

Gumball Titan goes into unholy rage that increases damage done and speed of attacks, gets health regeneration for some period of time but gives a some kind of weakspot to hit in order to outdamage the health regen, atleast that would spice things up a bit.


And traditional gumball machines have the glass dome, right? the thing that holds all the gumballs. Well it would be interesting that when Titan reaches a certain amount of health it craks and gumballs start leaking out of it and when they hit the ground they become monsters to kill. It would be so that there would drop a few balls every now and then and when Gumball Titan uses the slamming ability, the shockwave shakes more gumballs out of the crack. Just an idea.


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