Trove Moose having an art contest

Super crazy and original art contest!


Hello friends! I need a new profile picture for the many websites i use the name "Moose" on. 


So i'm having an art contest! The rules are as follows

Draw a picture of a moose (Preferably a cute one! Kawaii anime eyes give you bonus points(probably)!

Digital art ONLY!

The it must be square, and atleast 500x500 pixels

It must be your own work, no cheatsies!


So now you know the rules, but what about the prizes? 

There will be 3 grand winners. And everyone, even non-winners will get a small prize!


The grand prize: 1 Heartbleed neon ninja costume, 15k glim and 10k trove flux!

The second, slightly less grand prize: 15k glim, and 10k trove flux!

The third, mediocre prize: 10k glim and 5k trove flux.

Everyone who participates will get 5k glim, up to a maximum of 20 people.


You've got 3 days starting NOW!

Thank you

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