Trove Player stats, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Club War

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Capture The Flag improvements:


I appreciate having a CTF-based competition game implemented on Trove, but considering most successful games that are CTF-based are fast-paced, this puts Trove's CTF system far behind. Unreal Tournament, Tribes and Team Fortress are classics that serve as great examples of how CTF-based games are meant to be played, but then again, those games are entirely dedicated to a competition system and I am in no way expecting Trove to reach that patamar, as competition is only one of the many features available on Trove.


The CTF on Trove remains very slow, and due to the fact that we still don't have portals dedicated to player stats, or even portals that allow us to pick our own teammates, makes it a lot more difficult to enjoy, as I've noticed most people are going on pvp solely for the rewards, rather than the actual fun of participating. I'm certain that adding player stats to specific portals would drastically improve the current CTF experience.


The early days of the Shadow Tower did not attract that many people, and we had numerous threads complaining about how exceptionally long and difficult ST runs were back then. The Shadow Tower improved considerably since its release and has become the #1 activity for many people, including myself, as I'm solely playing because it's fun, rather than actually going for the purple name.


As the Shadow Tower improved so much since its release, I'm definitely expecting Trove's pvp system to also improve considerably overtime, so I'll be sharing some of my ideas regarding pvp and I'm glad if we can get a feedback on this that could lead to potential improvements in the future.


Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Club War:


I'm certain that DM and TDM will be implemented at some point in the future. Classic DM/TDM modes are based on the total number of kills, unlike CTF, which is based on how many enemy flags your team is able to home within a period of time.


Basic concept:


You open a TDM/CW portal on your club world and the team that entered this portal will be randomly matched against another team from a different club world. This system is generally known as Clan War Matchmaking. Clubs will be randomly assigned to a map where they compete for 1 Victory Point. In order to avoid any problems, only club members wearing the assigned club tag will be able to access these portals.


Having access to a match history would be a neat addition as well. Whether it's an in-game or community-based match history system, where you can check all victories/losses in the past 24h. This would also allow for monitoring potential matchmaking abuses.



In order to prevent unfair and unbalanced matches, the Matchmaking would be victory-based. This means your club will gradually advance according to the number of victories obtained, and as it escalates the ladder it will be matched against clubs with similar expertise. The total level of a team (class level/Mastery Rank) should not affect the matchmaking. Matchmaking would be based solely on the total Victory Points obtained, which escalates with your leaderboards position. For example, matches will be randomized between 499-400, 399-200, 199-100[...], top 19-10, top 9-1. This sytem would fit the already existing Shadow Tower leaderboards, where you have player stats, class level and Mastery Rank as the raw performance inputs.


The Hub option:


Having CW-dedicated portals where only members from the same assigned club (the one shown as your tag club) will be able to join the Matchmaking.

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