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It feels like an hour ago I sat down and clicked on that gladiator portal, next thing I know it's 11:30 PM and It's time to go to sleep. 


So far everything seems balanced though there are minor details like gunslinger having more health than revenant and really low energy regen that could be worked out.


So far I found the first 5 hours or so very annoying and I apparently developed a headache, but it went away eventually. Honestly I find PvP in general pretty fun, though there could be some tweaks, I guess I'll talk about the classes I've played first.




Nope. Too weak, less health than a gunslinger and you practically kill yourself more than you kill others. I pretty much tried it for a whole 2 minutes before switching to something else.


Lunar Lancer


This one was pretty fun, I always kept repeating in my head "A ninja waits for the perfect time to strike" before jumping off a building onto a group of enemies as a giant spear descends from the sky, reducing my foes to mere rubble. Naw but seriously, this class is fun, the mobility is great for scoring points because of the extra jumps, these jumps can also be used to dodge attacks, so yeah. The grapple is decent but I would use it more if it had a longer range, well actually I never use it.


Tomb Raiser


This class is very well adjusted despite the fact that people say to go for the summoner and ignore thr minions. You have to pretty much try to assassinate or overwhelm the tomb raiser since trying to fight a good tomb raiser is sort of like trying to tackle a porcupine. You pretty much don't want to attack head-on otherwise you'll get a face full of quills.


Of course one of the most overpowered aspects of the tomb raiser is the ability to turn into a ghost, and a good tomb raiser will go ghost (Heh Danny Phantom) as a 10 foot tall angry bone monster gnaws your face off with one of it's many heads. This ghost form will also quadruple any damage done by normal attacks, personally I use the ghost form to catch fae tricksters since the normal attack turns into an aoe. I enjoy using this class in PvP but it lacks jumps which is why I don't use it the most often.


Pirate Captain


I'm sure this class would be more overpowered for me if I didn't have the aim of a one eyed drunk cat hyped up on hallucinogenic drugs.


Ice Sage


The ultimate ability.... >.>


The m2 key has awfully short range, though the normal attack seems like it would be good for defending flags because of the slowing effect. The ice shield does not work, at all.




This class is fun if you feel like being a sniper, but it really lacks in close combat. I honestly thought gunslinger would be more viable for pvp but with the current energy regeneration you can't use the 1 key very often except once every blue moon, and I was hoping the 1 key would give the class better defensive capabilities in pvp. But instead I've judt found myself on the recieving end of a spear backhand while my energy just decides it doesn't want to regenerate until after I die. This class could seriously use more energy regen.


Candy Barbarian


I used this class to push a guy off a cliff to his doom once.




I haven't really played this class that much but it's alright in pvp, I didn't find it especially fun so yeah, didn't play it much.


Neon Ninja


The rooting ability is nice but that's about it, I didn't really think the damage was that great so I didn't play much aside from 1 or 2 times. The stealth is nice but I never really learned this class so that's why I can't say much.


Yeah, that's all the classes for now, I played lunar lancer and tomb raiser most often, lunar lancer for running flags plwying ninja and tomb raiser for when I'm in "Come get some!" mode or when I fight outnumbered.


Now for feedback and suggestions:


-Energy regen should be increased for all classes to at least 200, the lack of energy makes some classes not live up to their full potential.


-Every class should get +1 jump


-There should be some way to prevent spawn camping


-There are some people who lagg all over the place when taking the flag, which is pretty unfair if you ask me since you can't really hit them or time anything to hit them, they just seem to teleport place to place.


-I'd like to see some sort of 1v1 or 5v5 arenas in the future, calturing the fkag is nice and all but I just want to fight withiut worrying about that.


-Stats of classes should be tweaked more to reflect what they would be endgame. (For instance an endgame revenant would have high health, an endgame tomb raiser high energy regen and health, etc.)


-Maybe we can smuggle our little furball of a pet in to join us in bloodshed and meaningless violence?


-We should have a contest for building battle areas for these arenas, or maybe for new messages in the chat box every time someone gets dunked on.




-Shadow hunter seems to be able to ignore hits when moving, this is especially annoying when dealing would-be fatal attacks and they just get ignored (It's just a flesh wound.)


-Some people can use lagg to their advantage in stealing flags, making them unhitable.

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