Trove PvP Game modes what I will think and What I don't think will work

This is just all that I speculate about and it my opinion and I would like to just share some ideas with the trove community so no hard feelings if I insult your main. As we all know PvP will be arriving to trove shortly and I would like to discuss the pro and cons and to suggest some (Mini games) that may work all of these could be added to a leader board than either has a monthly or weekly "Prize" for the top players. Ok lets get it started with the arrival of PvP soon it is evident that class will be re-balanced just for PvP purposes.




What I think will work: Gunslinger fights, just imagine it an arena with high advantage points and bullets spraying everywhere people flying around with the Blast jump. I would see this as a high stake game maybe 1-3 shots is a kill or you will gain a point. I would like to see increase movement speed/velocity on the "bullets". As they are a little to slow in my opinion/// Ranged/Cover fire support/Hell from above. All I can say is PEW PEW PEW aoe.


Fae trickster


Ok next I think Fae trickster 1v1 or more, could be great fun as I would say 1 shot to kill because the Fae is so slippery as he can teleport around. I would have to say Energy Regen would need to be nerfed or it would be almost impossible to hit the other player. You can use glitter bombs as small damage aoe. And the ult would be like a mini turret as it probably more of a defensive ability or offensive./// Damage/Aoe/Had to catch Sits in the back line attacking and throwing "Super fabulous glitter bombs"


Shadow hunter


Ok next up is the shadow hunter duels, oh my god in my eyes this could be fun you have right click a fast precise arrow that can go throw walls I would say about 2-3 for a kill with a right click. Shadow hunters 1 "Sun snare" this can be used for zoning players or luring people into traps that end with a swift death. Shadow hunters ult "Arrow of the Goddess" this is your ace card in a 1v1 It would say 1 shot kill if it hit directly or it can do area damage/destroy blocks. Ok shadow hunters passive well I'm not to sure as this would basically just tell the opponent where you are and I think that would ruin flanking and hiding, so I was thinking you leave foot trails kinda like the chaos hound foot print. Or just remove the passive all together in PvP/// HIgh damage/Trapper


Ok time for the cons I see , Different hero match ups this may or may not be to much of a problem if Trion worlds get everything balanced. I would so say Knight, Candy Barb, Pirate captain, Ice sage, Dracolyte, Neon Ninja and worst of all Tomb Raiser. Lets go into more detail  The first part I talk about with all the classes is 1v1 second part is 5v5 (///) (--- This indicates im going onto 5v5




Knight I just think it wouldn't be very exciting to see to Knights sitting their slapping each other slowly to death. I know you could argue "What about timing stuns into Charge Smudgey God learn how to play" But It like Knights passive is If I get hit I get stronger. And I know you could say theirs a element to skill with his ult. Using it a efficiently as possible. But all I see it two people standing their hitting each other for a while in-till one dies./// 5v5 tank/Assassin "What Assassin how?!" Well as we all know he's rather tanky the knight with a charge and a stun. With his passive of taking damage he deals more damage for 1 attack. Well this can be used to you advantage. Say they have a Shadow hunter in the back line dealing out alot of damage on the enemy team. You knight can flank him as he has a charge for movement and a stun to pin people against walls. "What happens if the shadow hunter ults him?" Well he has a shield for that :3


Candy Barb


This is kinda linked with the Knight I know you can use leap for surprise attacks or epic escapes but at the end of the day its two Candy Barbs slapping each of with attacks. Now don't get me wrong I don't have hate towards any of these classes I just simply wouldn't see how this would work./// 5v5 Tank/initiator Well hello their Candy Barb I would see him as a tank as he has a passive that heals him, great engage as he literally jumps into all the fighting and his ult " Eis-Crom Cone" could have some clutch healing for the team. Not forgetting the whole team attack speed increase. 


Pirate Captain


This jolly guy Well in 1v1 I would just see this guy as a sit in the corner and let your turrets do the work. As he has a shot gun will low range it force the pirate captain into close quarters I don't think he will work in 1v1./// 5v5 Defence/Support However if PvP can turn into 5v5 OMG this guy Zone controller/Turret pressure. This little Pirate will be extremely useful as he can through bombs that take damage. And then he gets 2 turrets that will assist the whole team.


Ice Sage 


Well in 1v1 I can't see my favorite support working that well :*, it just that when the other player gets to low health you can ult them or just amplify damage. Plus Ice shards will be pretty hard to hit/dodge for melee users./// Support/Damage? 5v5 Hmm this is really hard to think how to make the Ice sage good without making him broken. As the "Big freeze" Ice sage ult would be overpowered/Annoying well it stops you from healing, amplify all damage taken and you can't get out of it. Also Ice shards doesn't have much range so it would be hard to hit people if your not in the front lines. And I guess the shield could be ok but if it absorbs one attack it could be overpower or it could make some awesome saves.




Well lets see tanky Super high damage with bombs and a little bust of damage from a dragon. Well it dracolyte he sits their and fires a flame from his staff. That's about it and when every your little dragon pup is full you press right click for some damage. I know theirs some element of skill for bomb placement. But that's about it really . His ult well makes him a massive tank for 15 seconds./// 5v5 Tank/trapper Well as we all know Dracolyte is a tank he sit there in the the middle of a fights spewing out flames and burning people. As he can take 50% less damage and gain aoe on his attacks he would be rather good his bombs also can be used in fights to gain extra damage. Now what I thought would be good is some synergy between classes. Well Dracolyte and shadow hunter both have traps. You could place a "Sun snare" with "Burnt Offering" either though it takes 4 hits to detonate a Dracolyte bomb is can be reduced for PvP .


Neon Ninja


Well, well, well I was debating on how he can have a good 1v1 because you know he can dash around and he has 2 skill shot based moves now with his right click "Shadow flip" Which gives you 1 ninja star for every successful hit on the other player which could lead to some epic battles between 2 ninjas jukeing it out. Not to forget his ult "Final Technique" my god this would be fun to dodge you have energy slashes flying everywhere (RIP My gif editing skills)/// 5V5 Well we all know he's a Assassin/Distraction Well he has the perfect skill set of get in beat someone up and leave. Stasis blade it's a lovely snare to catch running away enemy for your team to catch up. "Shadow hunter ult can be blocked with perfect timing of shadow flip" He has a range attack if everything starts going bad and he's just a badass. 


My god how long have I been here typing o,0. Ok quickly go through the game modes rather self explanatory.


Knight Foot ball: Ok I just think it would be fun to go on my friend list invite 5 or less people and play against other random people on the leader boards. "Why knight?" you ask well He has a knock away stun for tackles. A charge for a shot forward, and a ult for not getting much knock back. And then he has a wide range for attacking/hitting the ball.


Mag rider race/boat race: If we could join make mag rider rails together we could give it driving properties from the boat so you can turn around corners and they could add jumps. But you may be thinking out but how do you take over people? Well you can add mag rider speed boost to increase your speed. Or hitting corners slows you down. But I think if this is added a community vote for if your able to knock into other people should be called.


Pirate boat war: Well you know how we have boats? Well we could have 1-5 man boats which consist of 1 drive and 4 people who mount the cannons or a ship repairer don't know how that works . And the objective of the game is to sink the other teams ships. 


Prop hunt [Please no hate  Tf2 version not G-Mod] Guys look we have a Dracolyte and a neon ninja. We also have over 700 props. This is a bit self explanatory as Dracolyte are hunting the Neon ninjas who are props. But how does this benefit the community? Well we could make community based maps for all these game modes!  


And at last I think I'm done now feel free to criticize me because it will all be constructive criticism and that's ok with me, Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy 


Tomb Raiser Well I don't even want to write about this op guy Like he should just renamed to I can't die. No I don't think he should be put in PvP [Insert hate comments now don't worry I have my Teddy bear and tissues ready]

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