Trove should be, must be a great game

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Many old players have found that Trove has begun to seriously decline in quality awhile ago. I do not intend to bash Trove, I do not intend to discourage those who work to improve it. However, as an old player, and a former Beta tester, I feel it is my duty to share how many of us feel. Trove has become something that is a rather boring and overly difficult thing, twisted from a game we all once knew and loved. And to blame for most of this is the latest few batches of update after update, or a lack of very useful features several players would like to see..


What has changed? and How do we make it better?

Trove has changed. It was an enjoyable game everyone could play. Now, it is a nightmare to begin, a horror to progress at, and a majority of it is due to harmful changes or a lack of content. These consist of the changes in the loot upgrade system, the loot tables, trade and free market, gameplay, balance, PvP, battle-mounts, and the new looting system.


To begin, the loot upgrade system has declined. Originally, any weapon of any quality could be upgraded to a better quality. For instance, an epic sword could eventually become a shadow sword through strenuous effort and farming of dungeons. Now, for some reason, there is a system where an epic sword will always stay epic, resplendent stays resplendent, and the only upgradable quality weapon is any shadow one weapon you might be so lucky to come across. And upgrading these is a nightmare. Especially if you're new to Trove, you won't be able to progress through Trove to the Uber worlds due to an inability to acquire shadow weapons or anything better than the low level loot acquired by dungeons. It's impossible to get far in Trove alone now if you're new. I suggest reinstalling the old way of upgrading equipment, but keeping radiant and stellar upgrades available. This system required tons of flux to turn one quality weapon into another.


Trove should be, must be a great game


Loot tables are regarded as some to be fine, as some find Shadow 1-5 loot commonly. These are typically older players with extreme magic find levels. As someone with a magic find of 50, after some update long ago I found I could only reliably get shadow items in shadow towers using shadow keys when before I could get them in U6-9. I can no longer find shadow weapons commonly in U7 or 8, even. They are rarely acquired through normal dungeons, and when my magic find triggers I only get Epic and Rare and Legendary loot, some of the worst kinds of loot. Imagine how a new player may feel without any magic find. This loot is severely underpowered for its corresponding worlds. 


Trading items is now difficult too. Any items from recent updates are now untradable, where some people may have spare gem dust or gems or mounts or items they'd wish to trade but can't. This is impacting the market, and people seem to have a general distaste for this. At least equipment can be traded at trading posts. I had an extra Phantataur today, and wanted to sell it, but it was untradable. What am I supposed to do, scrap it? I need the flux badly. Others may want to buy or sell things but can't. Those who didn't get a Halloween mount from this month never will, due to the untradable tag. It's time to remove it. 


Gameplay wise, Trove has gone down. I think that, personally, the tutorial system is awful. It was much more interesting when a player figured things out for themselves. As of now, it seems much less impressive when a new player comes along. They join, they choose a class, the follow the instructions of the little box. There is no sense of wonder. And gameplay is repetitive. Every world is identical, just with harder enemies. To spice up things, dynamic parts in dungeons, randomly generated dungeons using various different rooms and connectors and themes, and maybe even switches only activated by ranged shots, levers, buttons, keys, or certain classes (these would be for side areas that could be full of perhaps special plants like how we have pumpkin and sunlight bulb dungeons, or even hold treasure chests) or numbers of players could unlock new parts of a dungeon, another expansion to it. 


These special keys that can't be done by all classes or weapon types would only affect side areas, unessential for completing the dungeon. This would prevent Trove from becoming stale. Imagine a series of pistons in a room shoving the player into lava if they weren't careful, or more use of platforming or puzzle solving. This would liven up gameplay alot, and the dungeons could utilize more variety or more difficult parts or sections in random generation (and could hold a random number of bosses, expand upwards or downwards all kinds of things) to give an ever-dynamically changing experience all players can enjoy. As well, enemies and equipment aren't lore friendly. I understand specializing every piece of loot is a rather outrageous task, but enemies could be specialized further. Variety in enemies could be cool though, and mean more strategically planning where to attack depending on your class. Right now there are only a few basic models with the same AI and just different textures: Eyeballs, Worms, Flying things, Spiders, Humanoid Melee, and Humanoid Ranged. 


These enemies all have their lore, like some spiders eat fae children, but do spiders spawn in trees? No. Enemies should have their own special biome characteristics, like dragonfire peaks creatures could have a resistance to firey attacks, but a weakness to cold, and could perhaps dwell in certain areas of the biomes, like spiders in trees, humanoids around dungeons and other structures, worms uncommonly above ground and usually below, flying fly around at varying heights, etc, and mayhaps not all must be friendly to each other. That spider could actually attack and eat Fae enemies. This would be much more interesting than the current system of grinding the same identical dungeons over and over or fighting the same enemies with different faces. The concept of unique enemies was already partially implemented in the addition of Primal Reserves, though. Kudos to Trion for that!

Enemies are unbalanced now, and new players will notice that they may have a hard time getting past a basic dungeon with their existing gear. Using Radiant 5*8P gear, I can barely do my recommended level dungeon world. Enemies are unbalanced. 


Side note: New enemies for air and sea: I think it seems odd that the pirates aren't very sea-faring. It would be neat to have pirot enemies use battleships like the Trovian heroes have, and even have naval battles with pirots, or for there to be flying dragons similar to how Skyrim has them (but, as it is Trove, blockified and not as complex in AI and attack types, though breathing fire or frost while flying around and occasionally landing to try to use melees on the player could be rather neat).

PvP was a brilliant idea, but some classes are nerfed and others are op. I believe matches should depend on a player's PR to sort and group groups of players, and no stats should change on any of the players so that PvP can be more fair. I've never met a candy barbarian incapable of one-shotting anything in its way, and too often I've been teamed with noobs while the enemy team consisted of people with full Stellar equipment. While we're at it, can we add naval battles as a possibility in PvP, perhaps allowing ships to add a health bonus or resistance bonus to the player as though they were really inside a ship?


Battle mounts are essentially useless. The thought of a fire spitting dragon or a turtle with a cannon on its back is awfully cool, but the attacks do virtually no damage. I feel as the best remedy for this is to scale the damage of the mount's attack to the attack of the player. Here's my equation for this:


{New Damage} === ({player phys} + {player magic}) x 1.15 

This would allow battle mounts to be useful tools in war and could apply to battle ships too. As for battleships, maybe they can use a solid collision box allowing players to stand on another's ship, letting people carry their boatless friends around or have a pirate crew.


Mounts lack variety. Most mounts have a speed of 90 with nothing special about them. My remedy to this is lore friendly mounts and special species-based abilities. For instance, spiders could climb trees, flamingos could run fast in water below and up to 8 blocks deep, corgis could make it so enemies don't turn hostile until you get with 10 blocks of them, and such like that. 


To finish, the new loot system is flawed. The current deconstruction system does not ask for confirmation, sticks out of the Trove GUIs like a sore thumb, and although the buy-back system is nice (my favorite update), it's hard to find out how to loot just one item instead of a whole stack. I think the old deconstruct system was better, to be honest. We could keep the buyback button though, and maybe a search bar to make it easier to find stuff. 


Side Note about the Editor System: 

An idea for the in-game editor- Perhaps a flat baseplate of unbreakable translucent blocks could be the default template and the player could have an infinite number of every kind of block able to be searched for using a search bar. This could make it much more user friendly and easy to use, and maybe inspire more of the community to build things like dungeon parts and tools. The player could build on top of the baseplate and produce amazing things much more quickly and easily. And perhaps holding down Left Click could drag a rectangle from the place the player began to drag to the place they let go of the mouse at, like drawing rectangles in a 3D Microsoft Paint.


To make things better:

Above, I mentioned solutions to improve Trove. I don't really expect any of this to be implemented all at once, but since we have updates almost weekly, maybe small amounts of these features could be implemented in each update. I bolded some useful information and key points. 



Trove hasn't been getting much improvement, there are many flaws with things currently. But there's ways to fix them, and several players would like to see changes, even if they must be made gradually.


A thank you to Trion Worlds

I get that it's rude-ish to come out like this about your creation. I get that you guys worked hard on this, but I think that these changes and acknowledging that not everything is spot on is important to improve Trove as a work of art. I ask that you read this and at least consider this. I am thankful for your creation of Trove. It's still a brilliant game. It just needs a little polishing is all. Thank you for making Trove and thank you for checking this out.

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