Trove Suggestion: Increasing content with boats

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Before you start reading, please be aware this idea is supposed a way of expanding content available exclusively for boats, nothing has been theory tested. I'm bad at making that kind of things so I'll just make this short and easy to comprehend.

New Trove items

Repair Sketch - Craftable Item - 50 Golden seashell, 50 Glim and 50 Trove Flux

Dangerous Sea Portal U1 - Craftable Item - 500 Golden Seashell, 500 Glim and 500 Trove Flux

Dangerous Sea Portal U2 - Craftable Item - 2500 Golden Seashell, 2500 Glim and 2500 Trove Flux

Dangerous Sea Portal U3 - Craftable Item - 5000 Golden Seashell, 5000 Glim and 5000 Trove Flux

Dangerous Sea Portal U4 - Craftable Item - 10000 Golden Seashell, 10000 Glim and 10000 Trove Flux



Every boat now has health and damage as stats and gain levels depending on how many buoys(square floating things you find on the sea) you destroy.

Level 1 : Base boat stats

Level 2 : 100 Buoys required - Increases stats

Level 3 : 200 Buoys required - Buoys give 5 more of each reward

Level 4 : 400 Buoys required - Increases stats

Level 5 : 600 Buoys required - Increases stats

Level 6 : 1000 Buoys required - Buoys give 5 more of each reward

Level 7 : 1500 Buoys required - Increases stats

Level 8 : 2000 Buoys required - Increases stats

Level 9 : 3000 Buoys required - Increases stats

Level 10 : 4000 Buoys required - Increases stats and Buoys give 5 more of each reward

Level 11 : 5000 Buoys required - Increases stats

Level 12 : 6000 Buoys required - Increases stats

Level 13 : 7000 Buoys required - Increases stats

Level 14 : 8000 Buoys required - Buoys give 2x more rewards

Level 15 : 10000 Buoys required - A second cannon is added to the ship


Dangerous Seas

These seas are supposed to be the boat-only worlds. While inside this world, the boat's health will display instead of your health. Exiting your boat will damage you for 10% of your health per second. These world are broken into 4 portals with different difficulties and rewards.

In these worlds, you can find:

Sea Monsters

Pirate Ships

Sea Bosses

This new world opens up an opportunity for adding new kind of crafting materials, boxes that drop from them and much more. It's up to the devs to think about it.

U3 and U4 Dangerous Sea worlds are supposed to be the hardest and can only be managed through teaming up with friends but should yield the most rewards.


General information

Repair Sketches allow you to repair your ship. Whilst in the Dangerous Sea world, your ship's health will slowly increase but sometimes it's not enough. Repair Skethes can be considered as Boat Potions.


Boats have high attack speed so Damage stats needs to be kind of low or the enemies' health has to be higher than normal.


Dangerous Seas' portals act like the other portals, except these are blue-ish.

These worlds can open up new opportunities for challenges to be added, such an example would be *Kill 50 Sea monsters in 10 minutes for 2 neon dragon caches, 3x bonus for U4*


Thanks for reading and I hope this idea gets taken into consideration.

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