Which'd be faster & more efficient for quickly farming Trove dungeons

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Also some stat questions

If the lancer's better, how's this set up:

Hat: AS/MF/HR Face:AS/PD/CD Spear: ER/HR/CD

If the Reverent's a better class, than would the spear atleast be salvageable for making the best U6 farming gear? That's the only piece I've gotten to radiant so far; although I fear that En Regen isn't as good as CD/MH for the rev. Keep in mind I like to keep MF on my items when possible, max MF is a must for farming.


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Right, I was afraid of that. Oh well, I can still break down these pieces if I need to switch. I feel like my spear's perfect for the lancer, but I'm undecided on if he or the Rev is more efficient for farming U6. I feel like the Rev would be since he's nearly impossible to kill.

Would it be best to swap out attack speed as a secondary stat and use HR, so I can have gear purposed for the lancer AND rev?


If you're using flasks for healing, you're missing out on a major DPS boost. For farming speed, you should use a flask or two on every boss for the emblem effects. Surestrike is the only one that works for Revenant damage. Lunar Lancer can take advantage of SS and Martial emblem. With Valorous Vial, Revenant almost never runs out of charges. Lunar Lancer can't do the same, but a cornerstone is common when farming in the adventure worlds.


Your spear is fine to play Revenant, just change CD to MH on 4th stat and use ult - it will grind anything in U6. You might put that CD in place of HR on your hat if you want. Chronomatic emblem will reduce the cooldown of ult and if you have Valorous vial and surestrike, flask will recharge often because Revenant's ult is very fast hitting. You might add spear swings while ult is running for extra hits and chances to refill flask, AS on your gear is in benefit of that.

Even if you don't have surestrike, Revenant's ult in U6 (max level + max spear + %% health on hat and face + S3 MH ring) is one ult - one 1-star boss, 3 star boss takes more. Ult takes ~10 seconds, so i guess this is how fast you will be clearing dungeons because Rev doesn't move very well in his ult, can't mount or run.

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