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Trove News & Guides

  • trove console beta on ps4 and xbox one video
    Trove Console Beta on PS4 and Xbox One video [01/12/2017]

    this game is great plz make it so you can get rideables from drops but maybe make them pretty rare thank you for making this game and reading this comment have a great day.

  • trove console beta now live
    Trove Console Beta Now Live! [01/06/2017]

    Thirsting for danger and lusting for loot? Grab your friends, hone your weapons, and set off for adventure in this free-to-play, voxel-based action MMO. Fight powerful foes, build epic cube worlds, ride magnificent mounts, master 14 unique classes, and collect 1000s of pixel-perfect player created items in Trove!

  • r4pg 5  coupon code for christmas and new year
    R4PG 5% Coupon Code for Christmas and New Year [12/16/2016]

    The coupon code for Xmas and New Year is: "R4PG-2016" (2016/12/20-2017/1/10). we have to remind you that this coupon code will be invalid as soon as the promotion is over!

  • lag  crash  and nonrendering since halloween
    Lag, crash, and nonrendering since halloween [11/10/2016]

    My nephew and I are from Australia (incase that has anything to do with this) and since Halloween ended, and we got the update after Halloween

  • trove prism of light
    Trove Prism of Light [11/08/2016]

    First of all a big thank you for listening to the community over the DDE shards, that was a beautiful response from the developers, we really appreciate it.

  • trove gem system experience   suggestions
    Trove Gem System Experience & Suggestions [11/04/2016]

    Over the past month I have been playing with friends, some paying to progress, some paying just for patron and some totally free.

  • trove useless tank  rework
    Trove Useless Tank: Rework [11/02/2016]

    the role of tank is to resist the attacks and keep the enemies on him, but in trove tanks does not take enemy on him

  • trove should be  must be a great game
    Trove should be, must be a great game [10/31/2016]

    Many old players have found that Trove has begun to seriously decline in quality awhile ago. I do not intend to bash Trove, I do not intend to discourage those who work to improve it.

  • arcane martial vs surestrike
    Arcane/Martial vs Surestrike [10/28/2016]

    One of the hardest comparisons I have seen so far has to be between Surestrike and Arcane/Martial. While one might think, it is easy to pick the better of the two it is not so cut and dry.


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