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400 Wildstar Ncoins
400 Wildstar Ncoins
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At R4PG, our 3-year experience in offering in-game services will undoubtedly help you get large quantities of Wildstar Ncoins, not only quickly but also safely. You will receive your Wildstar Ncoins via the Face to Face delivery method. As the most frequently used delivery method, obtaining of Wildstar Ncoins is 100% guaranteed.


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The three inaugural zTracks on Nexus are installed in three disparate zones: lush, forested Celestion, dry, rocky Deradune, and the icy slopes of snowy Whitevale.


Wildstar Online Service And Support Links

The new WildStar launcher offers some quick links to game news, Devtracker, patch notes, support, and our website shop. Just click the "menu" icon in the upper left for quick access.


New Wildstar Realms Incoming

Since we launched WildStar Free-to-Play three days ago, we've experienced enormous demand from players. We're thrilled by the overwhelming enthusiasm to see all of what Nexus has to offer – and that so many people are excited to play WildStar.

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