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“World of Warcraft mailing” is the delivery method that is in service. World of Warcraft Gold are delivered to your mail box in the game within a relatively short period after ordering at R4PG. For your convenience, the delivery status of World of Warcraft Gold can be monitored at any moment on your desktop devices with no need of logging World of Warcraft game Accounts. 100% trade safety is by all means supported. Powered by R4PG, all transactions of WOW Gold go smoothly and reliably.


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  • @ Wose
    700 K WOW Gold
    Good! I love these guys they are the best. I do recommend them to you! Jul/22/2017 01:37:24
  • @ Custorm
    5000 K WOW Gold
    They have nice service and the price is low Jul/21/2017 07:27:48
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    Ho ma god bra this is goodd i meanz dat dis is da best i ordad 35m+a robin hood hat, mane i got it fast dont go to any of dose other shitty sites mane this is da best Jul/20/2017 00:06:48
  • @ Asher
    2000 K WOW Gold
    Very fast, I would definitely recommend. Jul/19/2017 00:12:02
  • @ Custorm
    500 K WOW Gold
    As an old, reliable and loyal customer to Website, I can honestly say that they provide the BEST runescape service in the world. I have now reached VIP2 status, and they treat you like royalty. Obviously after spending nearly $4000 with Website you would expect to be treated like that, but they really do go that extra mile. The service is smashing, the efficiency is great and they NEVER let you down with an order. I have been with Website for about 2 and a half years now ordering gold, quests and even accounts, and I can honestly say that they have never let me down! An absolutely outstanding website, fantastic service and great staff. I would like to personally thank 'Alice', 'Candy' and 'Dan Wang' for all the help that they've given me and will hopefully continue to provide as I continue my runescape adventure with the help of Website and their staff and services. Thank you Website! Jul/18/2017 00:42:21
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  • Quick and easy transaction and fast delivery of my morrowind Path Of Exile expansion.
    Jul/18/2017 @ Customer
  • Really good. Bought there 5 times, max wait time was 20 mins. Really good!
    Jul/18/2017 @ Customer
  • good customer service. Good deal! Very good price!!
    Jul/18/2017 @ Customer
  • Awesome quick reliable poe currency, quick, convenient and secure
    Jul/10/2017 @ Customer
  • Very fast! Great competitive prices on sale products!
    Jul/10/2017 @ Customer
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