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What is Elsword ED?


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ED is the main currency of Elrios. It can be obtained in various ways such as defeating enemies in dungeons/hunting fields within your level range, selling items to an NPC, completing quests, or directly obtained from another player via trading or the Market.

ED is primarily used as a fee for a majority of features, such as crafting, enhancing equipment, socketing equipment, and many more.

How to Get Elsword ED?

ED can be found in dungeons/hunting fields in four types of mediums: Bronze ED coin, Silver ED coin, Gold ED coin, and Gold ED Bars. The type of medium that will appear from defeated monsters is dependent on their level and the type of monster they are (e.g. Field Bosses will drop Gold ED Bars while regular bosses drop Gold ED coins).

For getting the ED, you must constant battles, it will make you lose patience with the game and eventually have to give up a game you like.

R4PG exists for this purpose, you can choose to buy EDs on your website that meet your needs, and enjoy the cheapest price, the safest way to trade, and the fastest delivery speed.

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How do we deliver the product to you?

We usually trade face-to-face with you in the game through the name of the character you provided on the order page. We can also send products directly to your account via the in-game mail system.

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