Bless Online FAQs (June 2018)

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It's only 2 days to the releasing of Bless Online Early Access, some players are eager to experience this game on Steam, and I know that you guys must have a lot of questions on Bless Online, so this time I am going to show you some basic FAQs:


Bless Online FAQs (June 2018)


Release Date, Beta Testing & Early Access

What's the release date for Bless Online Early Access?

Bless Online will start on May 30th at 10:00 a.m. (PDT).


What's the payment model for Bless?

Bless is going to be Buy2Play.


Just how much does it cost?

Is going to be announced soon.


How lengthy will EA last?

The size of EA is going to be determined by the gamer feedback received during EA as well as on the stabilization of the Bless service.


Will progress be easily wiped after EA?

No. Players in EA won't have their progress easily wiped. EA will be described as a "soft launch."


I've heard that you will see beta testing before EA. How do I participate?

There isn't presently an open beta test planned.


Is it hard to make money in Bless Online, I am busy most of my time?

You know, farming gold will always take some time, if you are busy, you can purchase Bless Online gold from the sellers.


Maybe there is ongoing testing and test servers for brand new Bless content that is incorporated in the works?

Yes, you will see an interior closed test server for your purpose.


Maybe there is name reservation before Early Access?

No, there won't be name reservation before Early Access.


Maybe there is a pre-download for Bless (therefore the game could be already downloaded once the servers go live)?

This hasn't been determined yet.


Game & Development

Will Bless be Pay to Win?

No. Regardless of the monetization model winds up being for Bless, it won't be Pay to Win. We've heard the city loud and obvious that this isn't wanted.


What exactly are you focusing on, and why isn't it done yet?

We're focusing on a lot of things, including localization, performance enhancements, features, and gameplay adjustments. We're making the effort required to make certain Bless is within an excellent condition because of its Steam release.


What lengths along are you currently in growth and development of the Steam form of Bless?

About 70% done by Feb 2018.


Maybe there is player-to-player buying and selling?

There presently isn't player buying and selling enable for that JPN or KOR versions of Bless. Chances are the Steam version won't also allow player-to-player buying and selling.


Maybe there is controller support?

There aren't presently plans for controller support, but "never say never."


Maybe there is region locking?

No, except for a couple of places where you can find existing publishing partnerships.


What's going to the servers be? Where?

In which the servers are going to be located and the number of hasn't been announced yet. More information follows about this later.


Maybe there is housing in Bless?

Guild housing is planned for development for Bless. We'll convey more information on this later on.


Is leveling grind-y?

No, Bless Online's leveling content is centered on questing, story, and dungeons - not mob grinding.


Are you currently focusing on a console form of Bless?

Neowiz has an interest in Multi-platform and it is purchasing R&D for any potential console version, but we have no bulletins for your specific goal yet.


Will you be improving performance for that Steam version?

Yes, we're positively focusing on optimizing and improving performance.


Will the combat differ for Steam?

Yes, many changes are now being designed to the combat. It will likely be not the same as what's been seen to date.


What's going to be things that we have seen after release?

A couple of things planned for publish-release really are a 20 person open world boss, a 40 person raid boss, a higher-level open world PvP area, 10v10 and 15v15 battlegrounds, along with a large-scale war system.


Why aren't you switching from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4?

We made the decision that switching from UE3 to UE4 could be both time-consuming and price ineffective.


Maybe there is a customizable UI?

Players can set a couple of shortcut icons for many options, however, the overall locations and sizes of UI aren't customizable.


Maybe there are PVE and PVP servers, to ensure that people who don't desire to do open world PVP whatsoever can cure it?

No, there will not be any PVE or PVP exclusive servers.


Maybe there is a method to avoid PvP if you don't desire to fight?

Yes, you will see a product employed for staying away from PvP. We'll discuss this and how it operates later on.


Will the "avoid PVP" item be something in the cash shop or something like that all players can acquire without having to spend actual money?

Players can buy the "avoid PVP" item with in-game currency. It will likely be simpler to buy it noisy. stages to have an undisturbed gameplay experience compared to max level because we believe when a max level player can certainly evade PvP or RvR (Important components in Bless Online) it won't be any fun.


Races & Classes

Maybe there is any races or classes locked behind a paywall?

No, all races and classes are going to be playable with free updates.


What classes are going to be playable during Early Access?

We're thinking about announcing the EA classes later  



Steam Version - What's new?

Rhythmic Combat

Players have to pick two stance skills from six, in addition to four general skills which will match their class. With such skills in combos during combat can result in extra effects (1. Pick a stance, 2. Make use of your beginning skill 3. Make use of a skill combo).

In combat, there's more action and contains become harder because of the new dynamic combo system. For the way good a person reaches making combos, they are able to enhance the entire potential of the class.


Growth Mechanics

We've reconstructed the mechanics behind both skill acquisition and talent leveling. Within the Steam version, additionally to evolving your equipment, learning and leveling up skills are primary areas of growing your character. There are several different ways to get the gems that are utilized to level skills. Once we try to avoid P2W, how much money spent on the game won't affect the number of gems you will get.


Party Buffs

We feel that the easiest method to enjoy any Mmog is as simple as having fun with others. Being an incentive for players to experience the sport with a number of people, we've made the decision introducing party benefits!


With respect to the number of people, classes, and races from the party people, the party leader can pick one combat effect and something lifestyle (non-combat) effect from the selection to be relevant to party people! With this particular feature hopefully that does not only individuals who enjoy combat, but additionally, individuals preferring the lifestyle (non-combat) facets of MMORPGs can also enjoy having fun with other players!


Easy To Use Monetization

Together with getting no P2W within the Steam version, Bless Online's monetization system is going to be easy to use. -Content token shop: We've designed it to ensure that players may use content tokens (special in-game currency earned just by playing the sport) to buy functional products.


-Lumena shop: Players may use Lumena (in-game currency purchased using real cash) to purchase a number of convenience and cosmetic products.


Also, with the help of the Lumena Exchange Center (the name is WIP), players can convert their content tokens into Lumena. This selection allows even players who only purchase the game (and absolutely nothing more!) the opportunity to make use of the Lumena shop to buy convenience and cosmetic products.


Tutorial Zone

Many beginners reported that they didn't possess the best experience playing Bless because of the game being made with experienced Mmog players in your mind.


Within the Steam version, you will see a brand new area, particularly for brand new players to rehearse fundamental skills. Individuals who've experienced Mmog players or who know the fundamentals can skip this, but even though you skip or complete the tutorial, you could return to it.


Guide Quests

These quests will educate you things the tutorial doesn't.


They're much simpler to know compared to pre-existing opening quests.


Improved Content Pacing

In Bless, players can be a part of most activities even if they're only level 1. Consequently, newer and more effective users reported difficulty in knowing where they are meant to start.


To deal with this, we've improved the pacing where users are uncovered to new content to enable them to adapt to Bless in phases rather be overwhelmed right from the start.


Upgraded Monsters

In Bless, players gain levels through PvE combat by experiencing a number of occasions. Because the PvE combat was relatively simple and repetitive, most players were rapidly bored.


To be able to solve this issue, we've updated the mobs with special skills. We're also presently developing more features that can make leveling up a thrilling adventure!


These FAQs is for all of the Bless Online players, and if you have any questions about Bless Online, you can leave it in the comment section. And most importantly, R4PG will start the Bless Online gold service on June, which means you can buy gold from us when you are enjoying your Early Access!

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