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  • @ Overall happy
    1000 K Trove Flux
    I read the testimonies and some reviews but i was still pretty worried especially when i was told they were out of stock but with some patience and help from aries xia i got my gold and you know what im happy thank you :] Mar/20/2018 00:37:23
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    this site works thanks so much for all the mesos! Mar/19/2018 01:14:44
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    Talked to someone right away gold was delievered in 10 minutes very trusted will be buying gold again. Mar/18/2018 00:12:42
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    my last order was a long time ago, but i just wanna say this site is SO amazing, i would highly suggest this site to ANYONE. it took them 10 days to get 60m... INSAIN!!! and the customer support is so nice and speaks english too!!! great site Mar/17/2018 05:02:27
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    Have used this site many times for ffxiv gil. Always legit, polite and there customer service is beyond excellent. Mar/16/2018 09:24:41
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