Hell's Lid and The Fractal Continuum Dungeon In FFXIV Patch 4.2

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Final Fantasy Xiv Patch 4.2 is practically Update, and today's preview delivers a check out the dangers lurking inside Hell's Lid, at the same time because of the challenging incarnation in the Fractal Continuum.

Hell's Lid Dungeon


Getting found themselves in somewhat dire monetary straits, the Scions with the Seventh Dawn are on the lookout for profitable ventures. Fortuitously, one seems to possess presented itself: an anonymous message from a person searching for the aid of the warrior who laid low the Lord from the Revel. But just before they may divulge the specifics, they would put your skills for the proof. To wit, that you are to venture into the hidden depths of Hells' Lid, a volcanic island after home to a host of on-at least, based on ancient legend.

The Fractal Continuum Dungeon  (Really hard)

The Fractal Continuum plays host to each technological marvels and chimerical horrors conceived via the unparalleled ingenuity of the Allagans. And though its facilities have remained dormant due to the fact a current endeavor to salvage supplies, Garland Ironworks has detected a strange energy signature emanating from inside. A handful of would dare even ponder what monstrosities but stir within. However, the Warrior of Light need not wonder. The Ironworks has beseeched their help to investigate the resurgence of activity within the ancient Allagan museum.

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