Top 10 World of Warcraft Trolls Moments

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In case you guys don't know I am a long time World Of Warcraft player and with the movie coming out just a couple of years ago and with me being on a real WOW kick lately. I was talking to some other players and they suggested we do a top 10. That was how this top 10 World Of Warcraft Trolls list came to be!

Top 10 World of Warcraft Trolls Moments


10- Getting Hacked

Let me paint you a picture, it is around 2005, you log into WOW to play as the character you have put countless hours into and suddenly you can't log in! It says that your password is incorrect, but you're sure it's right. So you head to the website and reset the password, log back in only to find your character staring back at you completely naked! That is the terror of being hacked back in the day before authenticators, you were constantly worried that you picked up a keylogging virus in a mod and that you would log in to find all of your gear destroyed and your gold is gone.


If that happened to you, you would have to submit a ticket and wait about a week until a game master could review the problem and restore your loot! Usually causing you to miss out on raids and your WOW addiction. Also, someone could sell your hard earned gold for real money on the internet. Kind of like one time our Priest Officer convinced all of our priests to download a mod that he had just installed that had a key modder so all of our priests got hacked, that was fun!


9- Mage Portal Trolling

Each class in World Of Warcraft provides their own unique benefits in certain situations. For example, Mages have an ability that would allow them to create portals to major cities. However uncle Ben from Spider-Man was right and with great power comes great responsibility and it could be abused, thus we have the Mage Portal Troll! So if someone in your raid needed to grab something in their bank, usually a kind mage would open up a portal and help them.


Well, some mages would think it was funny to stack all of their portals on top of each other and since some cities are nowhere near where you want to go, you cross your fingers and hope to god that you end up where you want to go and not Thunder Bluff! This is especially bad when they place the portal to the middle of nowhere on top of a Warlock Summoning Portal and send half your damn guild out of the raid.


8- Destroying Rare Items

In original WOW it meant a lot when you got an epic quality item. Keep in mind back then it took 40 people organizing and learning new strategies to take down bosses to get loot! So let's just say, having one destroyed right in front of you hurts a lot. I once watched a player take an important mage helmet, only to destroy it in front of a random mage who they brought along! In this players defense, this mage did end up getting everyone feared into the Whelp Caves and caused the whole raid to get killed.


7- Trolling With Summoning Portals

The Warlock Class had the unique ability to summon players to them. They target a player, cast a summoning portal and then once two other players clicked on it. A message would appear asking the targeted player if he would like to be summoned to the warlocks location, really handy for getting people into dungeons or raids. However, the portal would appear a few inches in front of the warlock which led to a slew of warlocks like my friend, setting up the portal on the edge of a cliff causing the summoned player to fall to their death. In nearly every raid there was some poor player that plummeted to their death thanks to a bored warlock.


6- Kazzak Reckoning Bomb

When a world is created full of interesting characters and unique abilities. It is only a matter of time before someone started exploiting them. Protection Paladins had an ability called Reckoning. It would give them a 100 percent chance to gain an extra attack after they triggered a critical strike. Essentially you would build up these extra attacks and could release them all at once. Well, a Paladin and a couple of Rogues had an idea. they would travel down to the location of a world raid boss named, Kazzak. The rogues began dueling the paladin over and over allowing him to gain stacks upon stacks of reckoning. Then after a few hours, the paladin ran in and unleashed his reckoning bomb on the boss. Blizzard rolled out a hotfix in 24 hours that limited the stacks of reckoning to like 4 or 5.


5- The Pet Bomb

Let me tell you about a troll that every old school WOW player experience in one way or another, The Pet Bomb! In Molten Core a boss called Barron Geddon had an ability that would place a bomb on a random player which after a few seconds would cause them to explode in a massive area causing tons of damage. The idea was that players who were affected would run away from the group, explode, be healed and return to the fight. However every now and again the boss would place the bomb on the pet of a hunter or a warlock and thus we got pet bombs because hunters or warlocks would be having fun in the raid low and behold they got a bomb in their target.


They would just quickly dismiss their pet then they would laugh as they would go to a major city as they would go to a major city, unleash their pet, killing everyone in the city! It happened all of the time until Blizzard was like, yeah maybe we shouldn't let him cast that on pets.


4- Kazzak Does Stormwind

Remember that world boss that got one shot by the Paladin? Well, there has been a few issues surrounding him. One of which is the legend, Zeke Kazzak had an interesting mechanic. Basically, if you did not kill him in a certain amount of time he would enter an enraged mode where he would spam shoot everyone around him. With high damaging shadow bolts, on top of that, he would gain a significant amount of health back for each person he killed, making it nearly impossible to bring him down once enraged.


Well, one person got the bright idea to shoot him and then slowly lead him across the world to the alliance major city of Stormwind. Since he was constantly healing the entire alliance could not bring him down, it was complete chaos! Blizzard had to reset the server and then add in a code that would cause him to reset if brought too far away from his spawn point.


3- High Lord Kruul Does Everything

So after the whole Kazzak storm thing, one thing you would think is that Blizzard wouldn't possibly make the same mistake twice, right? Well, you would be wrong, in the first expansion, The Burning Crusade, Blizzard decided to update Kazzak as a new expansion boss. Not wanting to have Kazzak's old loot disappear, they decided to create a placeholder boss called High Lord Kruul. Guess what they didn't put him in the same space because they were like, well that would be just kind of weird, it would be like we were doing the same thing.


So instead they decided to have him just wander the world, guess what he had the same kind of abilities as Kazzak and now this thing is wandering the world and people brought him within like a couple of hours to every major city. They did not put any limit on this and he comes running into any city he is close to and just starts blasting shadow bolts out to everybody, so they had to reset the servers. Eventually, because of people doing this, Blizzard took High Lord Kruul from the game. Which meant that all that old loot, you could never get anymore because players just exploited it.


2- Disaster At A WOW Funeral 

So we all know that the internet is a terrible place right? With complete anonymity, there are plenty of people who are up for doing anything for a laugh regardless of how insensitive it may be. Well, one of the most legendary instances of this came in the form of the funeral raid! In 2006 a mage on the Illidan Server had a stroke in real life and sadly passed away. So her friends and her guild mates posted on the forums that they would be hosting a memorial service in Winter Spring and that both horde and alliance were welcome to come and pay their respects.


Naturally, the temptation was too great and a guild called Serenity Now rolled into the funeral and turned it into a war zone. They even started things off by assassinating the deceased player's character. The video spread like wildfire and the amount of rage that was on the forums was unprecedented. This caused this terrible act to go down in WOW history. To make matters worse the organizers were recording the service to send to the passed away players family.


1- The Corrupted Blood Incident

Remember how earlier on this list we talked about how hunter and warlock pets could get buffs from bosses? Well, the pet bomb has nothing on the corrupted blood incident. Essentially Blizzard released a new raid called, Zul,Gurub. The final boss would inflict attacking players or pets with a debuff called, Corrupted Blood. This would cause players to take serious damage over time and it would also spread to nearby players. Corrupted Blood was fairly easy to manage and raid, however, once players found out they'd get a dismissive an affected pet and bring it to a major city, all hell broke loose!


The plague spread everywhere! Players, NPC's nothing in the game was safe. If you logged in on the day this went down, the floor was just skeletons! As far as you could see was the corpses of players! There was a group of rebels outside a city trying to cleanse as many people as they could, but a rival group was trying to spread the infection as much as possible. It was the better part of three days of insanity, this affected every single player who was playing at the time. It is crazy how one little ability from a boss turned into a worldwide play. Scientists actually now use this as a study to show how society would react if a plague was actually introduced….. It was crazy!!!!!

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