What Are The Best Skill Moves In Fifa Mobile 18?

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One of the coolest things about Fifa Mobile 18 is the skill moves. They make the game so much more fun and pulling them off shows that you are a skilled player, who knows what they are doing. We have heard from many of you who come here to buy Fifa Mobile 18 Coins about what your favorite Fifa Mobile skill moves are. Well for some fun, we are sharing with you what skill moves we like best.

What Are The Best Skill Moves In Fifa Mobile 18?

El Tornado


This is the move that everyone loves as it is not actually all that useful, it is hard to do, but man does it look cool. When it is pulled off just right, you do really feel like a badass when you manage to do it. Of course, timing is key here and it is like we said is hard to do and most of the time it will just hit another player or the keeper will save it. But on those rare occasions, it does work, it is a thing of beauty!




Here we have Fifa 18 skill move that every player can do (of course, how well depends on the player) not only can all players in the game do this. It is also the easiest skill move to pull off as it requires a simple tap of the skill button and it happens. You can use this to great effect to get past an opposing player or just to showboat a little bit.


Rainbow Flick


The rainbow flick looks really cool and if you can do it past the keeper and score directly from it, it is really cool. EA have messed around with this and it has gone from being a super overpowered move to something that has been nerfed. However, if you have mastered this move, you can use it to devastating effect. It does require a dribbling player with a rating of 90 or higher, but you can get past any player with this move if you know how to do it right.


What is your favorite skill move in Fifa Mobile 18? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out our cheap Fifa Mobile Coins.

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