7 Core Features of POE Incursion League

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It's only 21 days to the releasing of Incursion League - the next league of Path of Exile 3.3.0. Are you interested in time travel, or do you want to find the location of Temple of Atzoatl, which would be the most valuable legacy of Vaal? And do you know that when you mix time travel and dungeon runs, you will get Incursion! When you have an intention to buy Path of Exile Orbs and Currency, you can check our website, R4PG would be your best choice to get orbs in PoE, you will always get help from us.



Incursion Release Date

By far the most important bit: when will you be able to play the expansion? The Path of Exile Incursion release date is June 1, 2018, so you don't have long to plan out your build ahead of the new Challenge League.


Back to the Future 

Incursion focuses entirely on an ancient Vaal treasure temple called Atzoatl that was lost after the Vaal Cataclysm. "The central core of Incursion is that actions you make in the past can affect the present day," Chris Wilson, lead designer at developer Grinding Gear Games tells me. No one knows where to find it, but a new character called Alva Valai has a hypothesis on how to uncover its location. As players enter each new area during a regular campaign, they'll encounter Alva standing next to some Vaal marker stones. If you talk to her, she'll offer to use these stones to send you to the temple as it existed in the past. In doing so, you'll gradually reveal the location of the temple as it exists in the present.


New and Revamped Skills

A new Challenge League is only part of the update awaiting you on June 1, as the team at Grinding Gear Games have also been busy developing new skills as well as revamping old ones.


For starters, the Vaal skills that were introduced to Path of Exile in 2014 are being spruced up to increase their usage. The ultimate abilities involved destroying huge numbers of monsters, but after killing so many enemies there is often no reason to use such a devastating ability. Incursion will ensure that Vaal skills also grant the non-Vaal equivalent skill that is attached to the same support gems. Additionally, the soul costs have been reduced and rarely-used Vaal skills buffed accordingly to bring these maligned abilities into the fold. You will also find six new Vaal skills in the Incursion update, so expect them to form a key part of character builds in the future.


The Architect in the Room 

That's still just scraping the surface of how you can shape Atzoatl's present-day version, however. When looking at the map that Alva shows the player, each room of the temple has a function that might be of interest to them. "Every room has things that it adds to the temple," Wilson explains. He mentions a Vaal breeding grounds room, which increases the density of monster packs around the present-day temple. That's a good thing because more monsters mean more killing.


Path of Exile Temple of Atzoatl

Over the course of your 11 Incursions, your aim is to upgrade temple rooms and open up pathways so as to create the perfect final temple run for yourself. Filling the temple with high-tier rooms will grant valuable rewards, but will also make the final temple run incredibly difficult, so you'll want to weigh up the risks and rewards for every Incursion. Opening up doorways and passages is also important if you want to take on the temple's boss room.


Path of Exile Temporal Incursions

If you played Path of Exile's popular Breach Challenge League you will have a good idea of what to expect from Temporal Incursions. These events give you ten seconds to explore a temple room, which you can extend by killing monsters - so if you can keep slaughtering Vaal you should have ample time to open up paths to new rooms and alter the history of the temple.


In the Present

Depending on how you manipulate the temple's construction, you will be presented with different types of enemies, hazards, and indeed, treasure. Alva will appear once in each campaign area offering the opportunity to manipulate the temple, so as you play through the game's story, you will have multiple opportunities to do full temple runs.


This Incursion League looks really cool, and I think most of the Path of Exile players are eager to play this new league as soon as possible. With these new changes, Incursion will surpass Bestiary league, and we R4PG will keep offering currency and orbs services in new league!

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