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  • trove  food for thought
    Trove: Food for Thought [10/24/2016]

    Simply doing dungeons faster than you is game breaking? Wouldn't that technically mean that anyone stronger than you are also game breaking?

  • fun experience   to be a farmer in trove
    Fun experience - to be a farmer in Trove [10/22/2016]

    When the Night in Trove is over, the morning Sun rises and the Boomeranger's chickens start to sing, the little Trovian Farmer wakes up and goes to work.

  • blade and soul ssp changes
    Blade And Soul SSP Changes [10/22/2016]

    I know a lot of players have issues with soul stone plains, to be honest, I am one of them, i hate SSP's current setup but the answer I am hearing is not an answer, its a problem

  • trove  very bad rng on multiple class gems
    Trove: very bad RNG on multiple class gems [10/20/2016]

    Today I destroyed the work of some months of playing and ended up with a stack and a half of red gem dusts.Too bad I have no clovers left, like most of the time.

  • trove game expansion   private servers for club worlds only
    Trove game expansion - private servers for club worlds only [10/18/2016]

    I'ts an MMO, obviously private servers for adventure worlds would mean cheating, so that will never happen and it's completely understandable.

  • let s talk about sf counter in bns
    Let's talk about SF counter in BnS [10/18/2016]

    So, I normally don't complain about bugs in PvP or anywhere that often, as they are normally miniscule

  • a fun story for trove
    A Fun Story for Trove [10/17/2016]

    In the ancient times where gods rule the earth,They play a huge role keeping citizens safe,everything was peaceful everyone was happy.

  • forza horizon 3 october 14 update
    Forza Horizon 3 October 14 Update [10/17/2016]

    This update includes numerous stability and performance improvements for the game across a variety of Windows 10 PC hardware configurations, as well as fixing numerous gameplay issues to improve game stability on PC

Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.