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What's PoE Xbox Exalted Orb? 

PoE Xbox Exalted Orb is a high-value currency that plays a crucial role in the in-game economy, which is mainly used to craft high-end rare items. So it's the "Gold Standard" currency in Path of Exile Xbox - many trade deals listed in terms of Exalted Orb, and people would accept it as the common currency. 

What Is Xbox Exalted Orb for?

Players want more Exalted Orb to get powerful rare items, it can be used for two main methods:


1. Adding a random affix to a rare item that does not already have six affixes

2. Adding high-end affixes through mastercrafting by paying a fixed amount of Exalted Orb


It's no doubt that Exalted Orb is a rare currency in PoE Xbox, it's not easy to drop it, you may spend to a lot of time to get rich. 99% of players are advised to trade them for Chaos Orbs and get decent gear. You can also buy gear for the Exalted Orb directly. However, considering you are using our guide, you are not advised to buy 1Ex+ worth pieces of gear just yet.

Small Tips to Get More Exalted Orb? 

For the most part, you kill more monsters, you will get more PoE Xbox Exalted Orb(or you will get more chance to acquire it). Unless you are able to afford gear worth hundreds of Exalted Orbs and breeze through high tier maps, it is advised to play a cheaper, fast build, and grind your way through low and mid-tier maps. Upgrading map quality and rarity is also a good idea. 

How About Buying from R4PG? 

Yes, this would be the easiest way to get more PoE Xbox Exalted Orb, all you need to do is visit our website and make an order for yourself, then you will receive your Exalted Orb in 15 - 30 mins. Our staff will trade with you in the game(Face to Face), this would be the safest way to trade currency. 


With these PoE Xbox Exalted Orb you purchase from, you will find that it's so easy to get into Incursion league - the newest season of Path of Exile 3.3, it's our honour to give you best support in Path of Exile Xbox. 


We have a really good reputation in this area, we are always PoE players' best choice for PoE Xbox Exalted Orb Purchasing:


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    I've been ordering from this website for about 2-3 years. I love the customer service here. They are always helpful and try their hardest. I also like Gamer for helping with some of my bigger powerlevel orders. It was all really fast for how much I ordered. Nov/26/2022 00:47:51
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    Legit website ,delivered fast Nov/25/2022 00:38:43
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