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Path of Exile

Path of Exile, also known as POE, is a free-to-play online action role-playing video game for Xbox One, published by Grinding Gear Games in 2017. Out of every game scheduled for release this year I am most excited for Path of Exile Xbox, I played the beta and I honestly got the same gratification I had when I played Diablo III which was my first action role-playing video game, Path of Exile Xbox One is 100% a got contender in my opinion. That said the game currency which is most popularly referred to as POE Xbox Orbs is a prized possession which can take the player through many bosses, smoothly. We can deliver POE Xbox Currency very quickly, because we have a lot of suppliers, and we have signed the contract with them, this has ensured our large stock.



How do I start playing?

Simply browse to Free Games on the Xbox One Store and either search for Path of Exile or find us on the list. 


What countries is Path of Exile enabled in on Xbox One?

Everywhere apart from South Korea, China and Japan. There may be small delays with Brazil, Australia and New Zealand - we have received age rating certificates for these regions and are trying to get them processed quickly. We expect to add Japan as a region over the coming weeks. 


What languages is Path of Exile available in on Xbox One?

English, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese, German, French and Spanish 


What's the First Blood Bundle?

It's a copy of Path of Exile and the First Blood Pack, which contains 200 points, an Extra Stash Tab and the First Blood Weapon Effect. It's the same price as 200 points would be and are limited to one per account. We plan to release it on PC in the near future too, as it's great for new players. 


What Supporter Packs are available?

All of the ones for Incursion league are available. The prices are adjusted slightly because they don't come with physical goods like the PC versions do.  


What Leagues are available?

The Incursion League has been launched for two weeks, yes, it's Path of Exile 3.3.0 patch now. You can find more information about Incursion league here.


What exact version of Path of Exile is being launched on Xbox One, compared to the PC version?

The release version is pretty close to 3.3.0b. it follows PC version closely!


If you want to find yourself up to the hilt in visceral combat, limitless item crafting and an abundance of options to hone your character's skill then we encourage you to download Path of Exile today!